The latest miniature monitoring system for atmospheric environment quality in 2022

2022-05-25 0 By

In recent years, with the governance of the country, smog has improved significantly, but this is not enough.In September 2020, China announced to the world to reach carbon peak ahead of schedule and complete carbon neutrality.This not only shows the responsibility and responsibility of a powerful country in China, but also clearly puts forward new provisions on the monitoring and management methods of China’s air quality index.To achieve the overall goal of carbon neutrality, emissions must be reduced and intake increased.Apart from the above two parts, there is also a special attention, is supervision.How to monitor the natural environment air quality index more flexibly and conveniently, and what regulations must the latest miniature monitoring system of air environment quality in 2022 comply with?Roughly, this can be divided into several levels.1, be sure to meet the requirements of various performance indicators of the software of the automatic environmental quality monitoring system.In order to integrate into various complicated and complicated sampling natural environment, it is stipulated that the air quality monitoring instrument has strong applicability and is not easy to be destroyed.To be able to many applications, it is best to have satisfactory function price comparison, is the ideal instrument and equipment to carry out automatic monitoring of urban natural environment air.2, in order to prevent only accurate measurement of a single data, which leads to a large number of equipment, complex maintenance and other problems, the air quality monitor must be able to monitor several major parameters at the same time, including but not limited to: nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, reactive oxygen species, air pollutants, etc.And it is best to have high precision, high measurement range, low reaction time, instant indication, automatic continuous monitoring and so on.3. In order to better benefit the data, it is necessary for the atmospheric quality monitoring instrument to be connected with external display or built-in display, which can show a variety of main parameters instantly and accurately, and can automatically measure the daily mean and monthly average, and can store data.4, in order to better be able to better solve the data, more directly expressed the local air quality index situation, the air quality index monitor can store data, copy to, it is best to be able to connect with the electronic computer according to many methods, convenient electronic computer to solve the data, measurement and so on.5, in order to better adapt to the new environment, the atmospheric quality monitor product structure design is effective, not only can be fixed in a part of the monitoring, but also can be used as portable equipment to monitor more urban mobility of the natural environment.