Trumpchi M6Pro is recommended for MPV within 150,000

2022-05-25 0 By

I just want to spend about 150,000 yuan to drive an MPV home. I recommend him. Trumpchi M6pro has large space, comfortable and easy to drivePRO already let you achieve above “free space” the use of wide-body design shape the commander went up to 4780 mm of space design provides a more commodious space to celebrate New Year’s holiday travel, home no longer crowded people of choose and employ persons each family member can have a comfortable and spacious riding experience wins more lies in its variety of free space when outing need to take a variety ofThe third row of M6 PRO can be folded, flipped, and instantly flattened into a 1100L large storage room, which can be easily taken with children’s snacks and toys to solve the space concerns of family travel