Xingyang Transportation Bureau to carry out road transportation safety inspection before qingming Festival

2022-05-25 0 By

In order to ensure the road transportation safety during the Qingming Festival holiday, to create a safe and stable transportation environment, recently, the Xingyang Transportation Bureau of the “two passengers and a dangerous” enterprise safety production special inspection,Emphasis was placed on the inspection of the implementation of the safety production work system of enterprises, safety inspection records of operating vehicles, safety education and training of employees, GPS monitoring records and other situations.The staff of the “two customers and one danger” enterprise inspection process, requires the “two customers and one danger” enterprise to strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production.Passenger transport enterprises should strengthen the source safety management, strengthen the inspection of “three products”, strictly implement the safety management regulations such as “three no-entry and six no-exit”, strengthen the duty on holidays, strengthen the safety education and training of drivers, and strictly prevent overspeed of operating vehicles and driver fatigue driving;Dangerous goods transport enterprises should strictly implement the safety production management system, improve all kinds of information ledger, timely check safety risks, and ensure the safety and stability of road transport during holidays.(Maria, Correspondent)