New phone: Huawei press conference is scheduled;Xiaomi high appearance level new phone;AirPodsPro 2 is coming

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Huawei will hold a product launch event this month that is expected to unveil new phones, laptops, smart screens, watches and wristbands, as well as a mysterious product code-named “Latch,” according to sources.Judging from the code name, the mysterious product “Latch” may be related to smart door locks.Apple plans to release Its AirPods Pro 2 wireless in the second half of 2022, according to MacRumors, according to Analyst 𠓹 today on TwitterThe AirPods Pro 2 will feature a “significant wireless upgrade” over the original AirPods Pro’s H1, according to 𫓹The chip supports audio-related features such as active noise reduction, an improvement that could improve battery life and enable longer music sessions per charge.𠓹 also predicts that the new AirPods Pro will support Apple Music losslessThe new AirPods Pro charging case will have a sound to help users find the wrong place, 𠓹 previously claimedThe case will likely also be waterproof, like the AirPods 3 case.The most beautiful Xiaomi phone Civi 2 is coming. The blogger @Digitchat posted an expose of a brand new Xiaomi phone.It has been revealed that the appearance of The new generation of Civi has been confirmed. The protective case of the accessory factory has been made, and the overall appearance is very similar to the Mi 12, still featuring lightweight and selfie.He also revealed in his comments that the new Civi will have a flexible, curved FHD screen, which, given previous rumors, is likely to be identical to the Mi 12.As for the configuration, the snapdragon 778G+ chip is still being tested, but with mediatek and Qualcomm’s new mid-range chips in the pipeline, the possibility of an eventual core replacement cannot be ruled out.A new OPPO phone has been revealed today. It features qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888 processor, a 6.62-inch FHD+ E4 OLED screen, a 5000mAh battery, and 80W wired fast charging.The exact model of the new machine is not yet confirmed, but it could be the OPPO Reno8 series or the new OPPO K series.Data show that Snapdragon 888 is qualcomm’s flagship processor in 2021. This chip is made by Samsung’s 5nm process, and consists of 1×2.84ghz ultra-large core, 3×2.4ghz large core, and 4×1.8ghz small core. The GPU is Adreno 660.Xu Qi, vice president of RealMe, predicts that realMe Q5 series will debut soon.A new REALME machine, RMX3372, has been granted network access and is considered to be the upcoming RealMe Q5 series.The RealMe Q5 series is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 flagship processor, according to online information.Considering that Q5 series are 1000 yuan models, it seems that this will be realMe’s first 1000 yuan Snapdragon 870 product.(source:According to reports, after OPPO launched the first self-developed image processing neural network computing (NPU) chip last year, its IC design subsidiary Shanghai Zheku has launched application processor (AP) and mobile phone system single chip (SoC) research and development.It is expected that the first AP will be produced in 2023 using TSMC’s 6nm metric process, followed by mobile SoC that integrates AP and Modem in 2024, and further chip delivery using TSMC’s 4nm process.OPPO is expected to launch 4-nanometer SoC chips for mobile phones in two years, which may still be unable to compare with Qualcomm and Mediatek in terms of manufacturing process and performance design. However, the self-developed chips can first be used in low-order mobile phone product lines, and then gradually improve the penetration rate of their own SoC chips.The iQOO Neo6 will be officially released on April 13, and today the blogger @digital Chat has released the official iQOO Neo6 image.According to the pictures, iQOO Neo6 provides at least two kinds of rear cover materials: punk plain leather and Blackjack AG glass. The camera module also adopts the popular large matrix design.Samsung Galaxy S23 will debut in the first half of 2023, according to SamMobile.According to the report, Samsung Galaxy S23 will be equipped with Mediatek’s flagship processor, which is the first time Samsung has used Mediatek’s 5G chip in Galaxy S series.It is not clear what type of Mediatek chip it will carry, which could be a successor to the Phec9000.Samsung’s Galaxy S23 sold in Asia will use Mediatek chips, while the versions sold in other markets will use Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, expected to be snapdragon 8 Gen2.This will be the first time That Samsung will use Mediatek’S 5G chip in the Galaxy S series, which has traditionally offered snapdragon and Exynos versions, such as Snapdragon 8 and Exynos 2200 for the Galaxy S22.(Credit: Fast Technology)