Planting these three vegetables after the beginning of spring, they grow fast and yield high, very delicious, with high yield method

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In a few days to the spring, it’s that time of year is the most solemn spring period, the southern coastal areas of many friends all in place I to prepare to spring, what you plant have, some pepper cultivation, planting some planting watermelon, pumpkin, and grow the most vegetables, according to my observation, there are these three, below, to share with youAnd share ways to be more productive., potato in our southern sea area, also known as potatoes, potatoes a pleasant cool vegetable crops, and our side, spring is very cool, is suitable to the growth of potatoes, plus spring is a season for revival, at this time of potato budding fast, grow fast, and, because of cold weather, the pests will be very few, plus potatoes don’t move,Therefore, in our southern coastal areas, potatoes are best planted during spring plowing.The potato itself has a fragrance, very popular, and the way of eating potatoes are also many, fried, boiled, fried, especially fried potatoes, in the streets are very popular, good taste, aroma overflow;This leads to a very high price for potatoes, and growing potatoes is very profitable for us as farmers.Attention should be paid to the cultivation of potatoes. It is suggested to use farm manure for cultivation.First of all, the soil is ploughed deeply, and then divided into a number of ridges. When preparing for planting, a deep furrow of about 25 centimeters is opened at the top of the ridges, or a pit of about 30 centimeters is opened at a depth of about 25 centimeters.After the pit is opened, sow manure into one third of the pit, put potato seed blocks on top of the manure, the sprout eyes on the potato seed blocks should be up, and finally cover with soil of one third of the pit to cover the seed blocks.After about 10 to 15 days, the potato seedlings will be complete, this time you need to soil again;Before soil, you can apply a small amount of farm manure + pig manure water, and then soil, pig manure water nitrogen nutrients can quickly promote the growth of potato seedlings.After about 20 days, artificial thinning is required, in which a cluster of weak potatoes in a pit is pruned to leave one or two strong ones (I often keep only one strong one).Grow in the potatoes to 30 to 40 days after the potato is almost started sealing ridge, and this time the need for a second ridging, like soil for the first time, first into the farmyard manure, specific volume is one of the first times, at the same time into the right amount of plant ash, this time not to waste water, or the least amount of leaching, the last is the ridging,Fill the hole completely and wait for the potatoes to grow on their own.Broccoli in our southern sea area, broccoli, also known as baotou cuisine, prefer to grow in cool climate, is a kind of cruciferous vegetables, is easy to attract pests, and spring is cold cool, 15 ℃, the average temperature in sometimes below 10 ℃, under this temperature, many insect pests were restrictions on their activities, which will reduce the chance of broccoli is evil,Increase the yield of broccoli and reduce the planting cost.Broccoli itself has a fragrance and is loved by many people. In our southern coastal areas, the supply of broccoli is generally in short supply and there are many times when there is no sale. Therefore, broccoli is very worth growing.Broccoli planting is a little bit complicated. When I plant broccoli, I always raise the seedlings on a piece of ground first. When the seedlings grow three true leaves, they can be transplanted for about 20 days.Of course, if there are conditions, you can use the seedling bag for seedling, later transplanting is more convenient.Broccoli in the process of growth, every other week time to drench their own fermentation liquid fertilizer (pig manure water is also ok, as long as it can supplement nitrogen nutrients on the line), of course, every 15 days or so, in the root position of broccoli some urea + NPK compound fertilizer as supplementary fertilizer, broccoli will grow faster.Broccoli grows 60 days to 120 days can harvest, although said spring pest less, but will also suffer from some hardy pest damage, therefore, in the process of broccoli, grow up, also need to pay attention to the prevention and control of pests, concrete prevention and cure method can refer to this article: kale spray this two things, insect-resistant effect is really good, quickly away.Oilwheat vegetable is a kind of cool vegetables, suitable for all kinds of cool weather planting, but also not easy to attract pests, spring weather is just cold, this weather can also maximize the suppression of pest activities, reduce the occurrence of pests;They are planted in the spring. They sprout more easily, and with adequate fertilizer available, they grow every day.The sea in the south area, leaf lettuce high not only low price, average price at 5 yuan (the price of the small cities, the price will be higher in big cities), belongs to the vegetables are scarce, growth cycle is short, need only 40 days can harvest, therefore, plant leaf lettuce spring time is the best choice, want to grow friend hold on.Oilseed planting does not need seedlings, planting is very simple, the specific method is as follows: 1, in order to facilitate management, but also for oilseed has a thicker soil layer growth, when planting oilseed, need to divide the land into a number of ridges, ridge width of 60 cm to 80 cm;When the ridges are set, a layer of soil is scraped off the ridges and set aside. Then the fermented liquid fertilizer is poured over the ridges, and when the fertilizer has fully permeated the soil, the linoleum seeds are spread evenly over the soil. Finally, the soil is covered and watered thoroughly.2, regular drench liquid fertilizer planting oil hemp vegetable topdressing is very simple, only need to use our daily life in the fermentation of liquid fertilizer (specific liquid fertilizer fermentation method can refer to this article: farm manure vegetable so good, how to homemade farm manure?Try these two methods, simple and not smelly), fixed 7 days drench liquid fertilizer, every other time the soil again drench liquid fertilizer, can prevent liquid fertilizer along the soil surface flow away.If you want to know more about farming, please pay more attention and share more planting techniques with us later.