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In most people’s impression from childhood to adulthood, “pearl” must be mostly white.Later, the contact area was wider, and gradually came into contact with more colors, such as the noble golden Nanyang golden pearl, the fresh gray Akoya pearl, and the dreamy gorgeous violet Edison freshwater pearl……Who would have thought that among all these colorful pearls, it was a black pearl that finally won the title of “Pearl Queen”?Yes, the Tahiti black pearl from a salt lake in French Polynesia in the Pacific.Long before the artificial cultivation, black pearls were famous for their preciousness and rarity. Royal families of various countries loved to wear black pearl jewelry, making it enjoy the reputation of “Pearl Queen”.Delta queen Elizabeth I, wearing a black pearl necklace delta Denmark’s crown prince frederik princess Mary wearing a black and white pearl sets of chain but we know the black pearl don’t just as its name implies, although its tooling called black pearls, but really want to appear a pure black, all don’t treasure elder sister didn’t remind you that it was nine times out of ten a dyed color fake black pearl!True Tahiti black pearls are difficult to define in a single color.As the Angle turns, the black pearl can take on a flashing change of neon color.And this is completely nature’s masterpiece, without any artificial modification, so black pearls are more noble and mysterious than ordinary pearls.What is the unique charm of the Tahiti black pearl that makes it the “queen of pearls”?The probability of the birth of a Tahiti black pearl is extremely low. Many people only see the delicate and expensive finished pearl displayed in the jewelry window, but the pearl’s very difficult incubation process is unknown.After all, pearls are the only living jewels!Due to the particularity of the breeding environment and the meticulousness of the pearling process, the formation process of the extremely rare and rare Tahiti black pearl is even more difficult.▷ It takes 18 to 24 months or even three years for a Tahitai black pearl to form and reach a standard of size, shape, color, and thickness of at least 0.8 mm of nacre.Moreover, due to the extremely strict requirements on the environment and temperature for the growth of Tahiti pearls, many natural conditions or some man-made factors will have a great impact on the formation of pearls.Therefore, the growth process of black pearls is not plain sailing. Every step needs the careful care of professionals. If they are careless, they will give up halfway.▽ Pearl farmers harvest black pearls with nets. The black pearls are incubated by black butterfly shells that secrete black nacre.Only one nucellus is implanted in the shell of each black butterfly, so only one black pearl can be produced from each female.In general, less than half of the 100 females have a chance of producing a pearl, and the successful harvest of black pearls varies greatly, with different values depending on their age and size.In this process of “natural selection, the survival of the fittest”, only five truly high-quality black pearls can be produced from 100 female shells.Therefore, every high quality Tahiti black pearl is very precious.The Polynesia Tahiti Island in the South Pacific, the ecological environment is very good, the water is clear blue, like spring all year round, rich in products.The origin of Tahiti Black Pearls — 95 percent of the world’s black pearls are produced in Tahiti island, which has strict requirements on the growth environment. Tahiti black pearls are also the main economic lifeline of the region, which can be said to be mutually successful.But in recent years, due to the deterioration of the earth’s ecological environment, The Island of Tahiti has also been badly affected. Once the sea temperature exceeds 34℃, the black pearl cannot survive.However, the current climate change not only warms the sea, but also causes the rapid growth of algae on the bottom of the sea, which accelerates the consumption of oxygen in the sea and causes the apoptosis of coral reefs, further endangering the living environment of the black pearl.All these reasons make the production of black pearl decrease year by year.Not to mention the top quality Tahiti black pearls are more difficult to produce, even ordinary Tahiti black pearls are becoming less and less, and the price has increased several times.Although every Tahiti black pearl is extremely difficult to obtain, even so, not every Tahiti black pearl can be called high quality, can be qualified to be made into jewelry.Tahiti black pearls are evaluated by the same criteria as other pearls: color, size, shape, blemish and luster.Color among all the pearls, which pearl has the most special color, it must be the Tahiti black pearl!In Tahiti black pearl, you will see for the first time that the original pearl can be as diverse as the colors of colored gems. It is also the first time that you can see the original “colorful black”. Although it is called black pearl, it actually has a very wide range of colors.A Tahiti black pearl usually has one main color and several companion colors. With different angles and light, it presents a colorful flash transformation of different colors. Only those who have seen the real object will know how beautiful it is!The main colors of Tahiti black pearls are generally black, gray, brown, blue, green and purple, and the accompanying colors are generally green, pink, blue, gold and silver, etc.We often say “peacock green” is actually black pearl with green, is also the most popular market a color.In recent years, “platinum grey” black pearl is also getting more and more attention, more cold wind, very unique senior.▽ Black pearl color with different color other things being equal, the price of top-grade peacock green is the highest.Color classification of Tahiti Black Pearls However, what makes Tahiti black pearls special is their unique colors. Moreover, everyone has different preferences for colors, so there is no need to worry about this area too much.It is the size, glossiness and blemishes of pearls that should be measured by a fixed standard.Tahiti black pearls are grown from large mother-of-pearl and are therefore larger in size, generally between 8 and 14 mm.Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of a pearl is, the higher the value is, but it should not be generalized, and it should be judged comprehensively based on its shape, skin gloss and the number of defects.The shape of a pearl we usually see is round and tangible, but because pearls are naturally formed, they come in many shapes.The shapes of Tahiti black pearls can be generally divided into five categories: round/nearly round, oval/oblate, droplet, steamed bun and semi-Baroque/Baroque (commonly known as profile-shaped pearls).Tahiti Black Pearls come in different shapes. Generally speaking, black pearls that are plump and round in shape are more popular in the market.But in recent years, a growing number of designers have become interested in other shapes, creating one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the unique and natural shape of the black pearl.▷ Black pearls in different shapes are made into unique jewelry Gloss The gloss of a pearl refers to the reflective ability of the pearl layer.Pearls with high gloss not only look beautiful, but also represent the quality of the pearl layer, so the value is relatively high.Like other natural products, the surface of Tahiti black pearl also has spots, depressions and other defects, which can be observed by naked eyes.The more flawless the black pearl skin, the rarer it is and the more valuable it is.Black pearls have always attracted many jewelry lovers with their mysterious and noble colors, and many fashion celebrities are fond of wearing black pearls to attend major events.Jennifer Lawrence wears black pearl earrings and Angelina Jolie wears black pearl Necklace. However, it is less known that the production of black pearls in Tahiti is decreasing due to the changing Marine environment.In recent years, the price of high-quality black pearls has begun to explode geometrically.Many insiders point out that the investment value of Tahiti black pearl is no less than diamonds.Black pearls with large particle size, top color and smooth skin are less and less encountered, and the value of this kind of natural Tahiti black pearl can often be several times or even dozens of times after the auction channel.A Tahiti black pearl necklace worth 700,000 won was auctioned at the 2010 World Expo.It is currently on display in the Pacific Joint Pavilion of the Expo Park, specially recommended by Tahiti Robert Wen Company.It is made up of 35 natural black pearls ranging from 11 to 11.9mm in diameter. Each one is about 8 to 9 years old and very similar in size. All of them belong to A+ class, with round surface and first-class luster.Individual black pearl earrings also command high prices at auction.2016 Beijing Kuangshi Spring auction, black pearl earrings, sold for 57,500 yuan.Spider and spider web shaped, platinum inlaid with a pair of natural black pearls with a diameter of about 8mm and diamonds, length of about 9.5cm, a total weight of 18.41g.Black pearls are rare and scarce, which makes them all the more beautiful and valuable.The natural dynamic color of black pearl not only exudes the noble temperament of low-key luxury but not publicity, but also highlights the unique calm and solemn of distinguished women.As jewelers, auction houses and designers in the market increasingly value the charm of black pearls, the demand will continue to increase the value of Tahiti black pearls.Whether it is worn or collected, it can add infinite additional value to your distinguished identity.If you have the opportunity to meet, don’t let the high-quality black pearl in front of you slip away