A: congratulations!Zhang Jingzhong, professor of Guangzhou University, received the Lifetime achievement Award of China Computer Society

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Guangdong is a very developed province, here a large number of talents, every year will attract a large number of talents to work or start businesses here.Especially Guangzhou, Shenzhen, that is where young people want to go, go there to realize their dreams.In the developed city life, vision and thinking can get a qualitative improvement.The results of the double First-class selection have been announced, Guangdong has become a hot province this year, three universities suddenly crowded into the “double first-class”, which is not only amazing, Guangdong is not only strong economic strength, but also rich in educational resources.Recently, the 2021CCF award ceremony was successfully held in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province. The China Computer Society presented the 2021CCF Lifetime Achievement Award. Professor Zhang Jingzhong from Guangzhou University was successfully awarded this award.The award, which was launched in 2010, honors senior scientists who have made major breakthroughs in computer science, technology and engineering.The lifetime achievement award was awarded to two people, along with Professor Hu Shouren from the National University of Defense Technology.Professor Hu Shouren is 96 years old this year. He is a native of Zhejiang Province. He graduated from the Department of Electrical Machinery of Zhejiang University in 1949.He has been responsible for the completion of 151 – ⅳ million times large computer development, China’s first 100 million times giant computer “Galaxy I” development, he is also one of the main leaders, he has made outstanding contributions to the cause of China’s high-performance computer.No wonder the computer science and technology discipline strength of national University of Defense Technology belongs to the top in China and is A+ discipline.I didn’t know there was such a powerful man in charge.Professor Zhang Jingzhong of Guangzhou University was born in 1936 in Henan province. He is 86 years old this year. Although he is 10 years younger than Professor Hu Shouren, he is also very old.Professor Zhang Jingzhong graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of Peking University. The numerical parallel method of machine proof was put forward by him. It is he who solved the problem of elementary graphics embedding in Euclidean space, which has great influence in the industry.Such achievements can not be separated from his long-term careful study, this spirit is worth everyone to learn.The future development of our country needs people like Professor Hu Shouren and Professor Zhang Jingzhong to promote social progress.For such a group of people, I admire the ground.My sincere congratulations to Professor Hu Shouren and Professor Zhang Jingzhong on receiving the 2021 CCF Lifetime Achievement Award. There are many other winners of this award ceremony, so I would not congratulate them all.Let’s pay tribute to the scientists who have made outstanding achievements in the national computer field.Their spirit is worth learning from.Some people, a little skill just want to run outside, but leave the motherland, even if you make a great achievement, also into a rootless flower!The above pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete in time!Thank you very much!The text content is my original, if you need to reprint, please contact me.