Jinan issued a notice on supporting staff to take care of minor children at home during the epidemic

2022-05-27 0 By

Notice of The General Office of jinan Municipal Committee of the CPC Jinan Municipal People’s Government on Supporting Staff and Workers to Take Care of Their Minor Children at Home during epidemic PeriodIn view of the severe and complex epidemic situation in Jinan, several districts of the city have fully launched online learning for primary, secondary and kindergartens. In order to fully ensure the education and safety of students during online learning, the following notice is hereby issued: 1.For dual-worker families with children in compulsory education stage (including kindergarten), if necessary, one of them may apply to take care of their children at home during the online home study period, and the authorities, enterprises and public institutions shall give support according to their own conditions.2. During the worker stays at home, the unit should not terminate the labor contract because of this.3. Employees who take care of their children at home can provide labor service by telephone, network and other flexible working methods.4. Encourage all units to formulate the system of transferring liner employees to rest, so as to ensure the normal operation of work and production.General Office of jinan Municipal Party Committee General Office of Jinan Municipal People’s Government March 30, 2022