“President does not consider” to attend bestie wedding, but was celibate president fancy, the next day civil affairs bureau flash marriage

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Hello, everyone! What do you like to do when you are idle and bored?Xiaobian I like to see all kinds of novels, a good novel, can bring different feelings to readers, so that people feel different world, and the story of the hero to explore the wonderful world.Today I recommend to you both good and addictive novels!Pushing today the President does not consider to girlfriends wedding, was President of abstinence, the civil affairs bureau flash marriage first book: “the President does not consider” main content: the President does not consider to girlfriends wedding, was President of abstinence, the civil affairs bureau flash marriage highlights: see the sky gradually dim, even if he loathe to give up her again, you have to stop.”I’m tired, please let me go, we can’t go back to the past, we can never be together.””She said feebly.”Want me to let you go, well, I can promise you.”He thought for a moment and said.Yan Zhimu looked at his still cold face and asked, “Really? Are you telling the truth?””But I want you to do me a favor.”He added, “What is it?”When Gu Yizhan finished, she refused: “No, this is absolutely not possible, I can’t promise you.””Good, since you don’t promise, that I can only continue to pester you.””No, it’s just that I’m worried that it might bother you. You’re a famous talker.””You’re not worried about me, are you worried that Joe Mochen will know about your pretending to be my girlfriend?”He guessed right, Yan Zhimu did not deny, but she was curious: “why me, you are not short of female companions.””Because we have a tacit understanding, you have been my girlfriend for four years, only you can do not show.”Put her back to the orphanage, Gu Yizhan left, her cheeks flushed, heart rate accelerated, he said they tacit understanding, will let her do he deal with other people’s girlfriend.Is it really because of tacit understanding?After four years, will they still get along?She was a little worried, a little afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control herself.(Click below to read it for free online.)Qin Yang like furious lion lun boxing pouncing on staggered back fun of holidays, fist come into contact with each other at the moment of the cheek, eyes suddenly a flower, with strong sense of vertigo, flooding mind his subconscious close my eyes and vertigo suddenly disappear, just at the moment he opened its eyes, the whole people like lightning strike just stood in the place.”How did you get here?Didn’t I just punch that bastard Ren Xiang?Was everything that just happened an illusion?Impossible, absolutely impossible…”Qin Yang’s mind is full of questions, turned a quick glance around, secretly said, yes ah, here is the Marketing Department, opposite is the general manager’s office, as if JUST now I saw Li into the office.Dong Dong – In the fog qin Yang raised his hand, hooked his fingers and knocked at the door. The door creaked open and Li Fan was standing opposite.”Lee!”Qin Yang tried to force a stiff smile, thinking secretly about what Li Fan had to say.”Qin Yang, come in and sit down!”Li Fan frowns slightly, facial expression as always serious.Alarmed, Qin Yang ti turned and ran to the stairs, leaving Li Fan in the same place.(Click below to read online for free) The third book: “Strategy president” highlights: LAN LAN walked to the front of the big vase found inside some balls, as well as water, revealing a smile.She grew up with a bad luck, often because bad luck can also give themselves to defuse the danger.Few people around her have been lucky enough to escape this kind of curse.It looks like there’s nothing to worry about, and nothing to do will come to a good end for these people.Just because he is a rich boss, bullying, self-righteous, it is too hateful!Wait for several people to come to the front.Blue LAN suddenly raised his head and kicked hard at the back of the vase.Bang!The vase fell to the ground.Its contents burst out.After a few men just stepped on the ball, a confounded fall on the ground.(Click below to read online for free) “President not considering” attended bestie wedding, but was celibate president fancy, the next day civil Affairs Bureau flash marriage today’s recommendation is here, we have anything to say to xiaobian?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. Look forward to your comments