Women’s Trilogy plays a key role in rural revitalization in Linze, Gansu

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“You may not look at my cattle, but the front yard and back yard are clean, and the house and the house are bright and bright.”Jia Xuelan, chairwoman of the Women’s Federation in Xuanwei village, Xinhua Town, Linze County, is proud of her yard.Since this year, zhangye in gansu linze give full play to women’s federation organization, guide, start county-rural wf cadres, women’s federation executive committee, women volunteers and the broad masses of women into the country revitalization of construction activities actively, doing for “her”, constantly activate “she” strength, with beautiful country happiness new picture contribution to the women’s power.The reporter learned that as the chairman of the village women’s Federation, Jia Xuelan not only cleaned up her home, she also mobilized the executive committee of the village women’s federation and sisters to actively participate in the living environment renovation female volunteer service activities, together to maintain the environmental health of the village., linze county is now set up women’s volunteer service, 86, this year, women’s federation commissioner and female volunteers took advantage of the fixed DangRi activities to carry out the “beautiful courtyard I first”, “my bright all kua” topics such as the living environment of political activity more than 100 games, create a strong atmosphere of everyone involved in environmental health regulation.At the same time, establish a one-to-one, one-to-many, contact help mechanism, such as towns women’s extensive village in women’s memorial “38 women’s day” promotion “appearance” courtyard “temperamental” health big comparison, in the form of short video contest, bask in the “most beautiful courtyard” a model household, reveals considered the difficult point, achieve the goal of the mutual communication from each other,A good situation has been formed in which “everyone works and every household compets for excellence”.According to statistics, the 30 short videos have been viewed more than 100,000 times.”If it hadn’t been for the help of the Women’s Federation, I might not have found a job so soon to support my family.”Guo Hong, a rural housewife in Linze County, found a satisfying job by attending a labor force skills training organized by the Women’s Federation.To deepen the women’s entrepreneurial innovation action, improve the level of women’s employment skills, linze adhere to principle of training to promote employment, do fine do real work skills training, focus on demand, rural women use in time preparation for hairdressing, cutting sewing, cooking, cooking and other labor skills training period, 30 through skills training good women “employment bridge”, the range of “riches gradually”,We will enhance women’s ability to find jobs and become rich, enhance their confidence in starting businesses, and further encourage more women to “get started” and “get rich”.Today, Linze County has cultivated a number of large farmers like Song Xiaoli and Jia Yuying. These female leaders have effectively led the surrounding women to work, and solved the problem of increasing the income of labor force after the land trust.”I participated in the labor force skills training of the Women’s Federation a year ago and got the training certificate. Now I am working in a rural employment factory in the town. It is close to my home and I can take care of my family.Guo Hong told reporters.”Now the national policy is good, not only to provide us with free screening, but also to provide a variety of policy support and assistance for women with the disease.”In the interview, a Xinhua town accepted the “two cancer” examination of women told reporters.Free screening for “two cancers” is one of the practical things that the Gansu provincial government has offered to the private sector in recent years. Linze County had 3,500 free screening targets for “two cancers” this year, which were exceeded in mid-March.County women’s federation a staff member told reporters that the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in this activity is very high, this policy is widely praised by sisters.This year, linze County women’s Federation focused on left-behind elderly, left-behind children, poor mothers and other special groups in need, carried out a series of sympathy and care activities.In recent days by the Zhangye Municipal party committee launched the “three into three ask three check, ensure stability promote development benefit people” activities, the county at all levels of the women’s federation carried out the “spring breeze warm care half of the sky” visit condolences, visit the poor mother, excellent women cadres, women’s exemplary exemplary 702 people.During the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, women volunteer service teams were organized to provide such considerate services as cleaning, delivering coal for heating, rice, flour and oil, and purchasing goods on behalf of the elderly, women and children, and the needy in places such as cultural complexes and resettlement sites for poverty alleviation in ineasy areas.We have conducted more than 1,000 volunteer services, including free medical consultations, charity scissors and charity repairs.At the same time, the “1+3+N” mechanism for protecting the rights of women and children has been innovated, and 29 cases of marriage and family disputes have been investigated and resolved, thus protecting the legitimate rights and interests of women left behind.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com