Yuncheng, Shandong yuncheng welcomed the Winter Olympics opening ceremony “Start of Spring” performance team triumphant return

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Xinhua News Agency client Jinan February 8The winter Olympics opening ceremony, by yuncheng County Song Jiang Martial Arts School in Shandong province to participate in the performance of the large-scale dance show “Spring” performance achieved a complete success, won widespread praise.A few days ago, yuncheng County held a welcome ceremony to welcome the triumphant return of teachers and students of song Jiang Martial Arts School.On the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, song Jiang Martial Arts School performance team presented the “Beginning of Spring” with zero mistakes. The program requires 393 people to hold a 10-meter long shining pole, interpreting the arrival of spring, grass germination, all things recovery, and then to the poetic scene of flowers all over the sky, which means hope and harvest.In order to strengthen the anti-interference and cold resistance ability of the performers, the team conducted closed-door training in Yantai for four months, with seven or eight hours of training every day.Luo Yanhai, leader of song Jiangwu School, said, “The performance of ‘Start of Spring’ is only three minutes long, but it takes a lot of effort behind it.The performance was praised by the audience and benefited from the care and support of local leaders and schools.”Meng Lingcong, one of the performers, said: “In order to achieve a perfect performance, we all consciously set strict requirements on ourselves. We practiced each movement thousands of times and recited each formula thousands of times in our hearts.”As one of the “top ten Martial arts Schools in China”, Song Jiang Martial Arts School has become a school participating in both summer And winter Olympic performances.Sung river school headmaster FanQingBin returning to honor the players hope: “I hope you continue to carry forward the games trip to cultivate the bear hardships and stand hard work, solidarity and collaboration, meticulous, strives for perfection, strive to perfect spirit, study hard, train hard, strive to win on the pitch as soon as possible, jinbang title in the college entrance examination, as a part of our life!!!!!!!”Welcome ceremony, Yuncheng County deputy secretary, County magistrate Zhang Hui said: “Song Jiang martial arts school shows the ‘hometown of national martial arts’ charm and style, for the Olympic cause interpretation of a new wonderful.The beginning of Spring perfectly combines the Chinese Spring Festival culture, the Great Wall culture and the Olympic culture, presenting it to the world.’higher, faster, stronger, more united’ Olympic spirit, will inspire millions of people love their hometown, dedication to their hometown, the spirit of the construction of their hometown, with the momentum of huhu Shengwei, vigor and vitality, run out of acceleration, together to the future, create yuncheng a better tomorrow!(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: