After the white board paper market can usher in a good start?

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Guide language: the post-holiday whiteboard market trading recovery is relatively slow, in order to stimulate the downstream goods, individual paper mills began to tentatively pull up 50-100 yuan/ton, the market is still mainly wait-and-see.January market review January white paper market price weak collation, sparse market trading.Zhuochuang Information data show that in January, the average price of a-class 250g grey bottom whiteboard paper ex-factory 4813.99 yuan/ton including tax, down 6.93% compared with last month, down 12.15% compared with the same period last year.Tianjin base of large-scale paper mill reduced by 150 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, some small and medium-sized factories around reduced by 100 yuan/ton according to their own inventory, and the market price dropped from high.In January, the mainstream transaction of class A 250g whiteboard paper market includes the tax reference price of 4600-5000 yuan/ton.The main reasons affecting the price trend of whiteboard this month are as follows: First, from the point of view of cost, the market price of national waste board paper is declining, and the cost is not supported by good news.Zhuochuang information monitoring data shows that the average market price of national waste board in January was 2355 yuan/ton, 2.16% lower than the average price last month, and 3.06% higher than the average price in the same month last year.The main reasons for the weak price decline are as follows: 1. As the Spring Festival approaches, the festive atmosphere in the market becomes stronger and the pattern of seasonal supply exceeds demand deepens; 2.2. Most waste paper packing stations actively clear inventory;3. Most of the paper factory procurement interest decline, some of the paper factory to implement the price suction strategy;4. Purchasing price of waste cardboard from leading paper enterprises is running down.Second, from the supply side, zhuochuang Information monitoring data shows that the starting load rate of whiteboard production enterprises in January 2022 is 10.93 percentage points lower than that in December 2021, and 15.78 percentage points lower than that in the same period last year.Production in January 2022 fell 15.24% month-on-month and 19.70% year-on-year.With the approaching of the Spring Festival, most paper mills began to shut down for maintenance in the second half of this month, and the market supply gradually decreased.In January, the inventory of whiteboard paper production enterprises increased from the previous month, and the inventory of enterprises increased by 16.59% from the previous month, and the inventory days were about 19 days.Third, from the demand side, near the Spring Festival, dealers mainly clear their own inventory, the intention of stocking before the holiday is low, so the inventory pressure of the paper factory continues to increase.In addition, with the gradual deepening of the holiday atmosphere, at the end of the month, the paper factory has been stopped for maintenance, some dealers and downstream into the holiday mode in advance, the market traffic is sparse.After the festival, the market is expected to some paper mills in South China after the festival began to issue a price increase letter, but the current scale of paper mill inventory pressure is still there, in order to stimulate the downstream to take goods, the scale of paper mills in South China up 50 yuan/ton, the northern region of the small and medium-sized factories up 100 yuan/ton, the market to pull up the atmosphere.In terms of supply and demand, individual paper mills in South China were shut down for maintenance after the holiday, and the overall supply of the market recovered slowly, but dealers and downstream stock enthusiasm is general, the new single increment is limited, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong.In addition, with the release of new capacity, the formation of a certain impact on the whiteboard market, most of the market sentiment is empty.From the cost point of view, over the weekend so far, the domestic scrap board market price has fallen, the cost of insufficient support.However, with the completion of the Winter Olympic Games, it is expected that the demand interest of waste paper in the north may rebound, which will help the price of waste paper turn from weak to strong.Therefore, Zhuochuang information is expected to rise in the short-term whiteboard market price shock, but the room for growth is limited, we still need to pay attention to the price policy and inventory of other paper mills.Zhuochuang Information — commodity price monitoring unit of National Development and Reform Commission and big data partner of National Bureau of Statistics, visit zhuochuang information official website to check more 13 categories of commodity data and information + semi-annual report analysis articles, media cooperation interview please leave a message at the end of the article or private letter.(Disclaimer: The data and information provided by ZC are for reference only and shall not be reproduced without permission.Any direct or indirect losses and legal consequences caused by any investment, sale, operation or other behavior based on zhuochuang Information data and information shall be borne by zhuochuang information itself and shall have nothing to do with it.)