Appreciation of tiger paintings by famous artists

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The tiger painted by Mr. Gong Dachuan is wonderful in both shape and spirit.Not only the shape of vigorous and powerful, but also the wild and clever god, painting deep, desolate, thick, you can even feel the surging momentum of the primeval agitation!Hu Tian ‘an (1916-1988), also known as Hu Jianming, was a tiger painter in modern times.Its ink and wash freehand tiger, the pen and ink, lively, can be called a must.Zhang Gemelli (1882 — 1940), the second elder brother of Zhang Daqian, was a famous tiger painter. He was nicknamed “Tiger Chi” and was also known as “Tiger Gong”.Zhang Daqian, whose painting skills and fame are both higher than That of Zhang Shanmayer, seldom painted tigers in order to let his second brother excel in his beauty.He once wrote a poem to express his aspiration: “A thousand people wish to suffer poverty and hardship.Liu Jimu (1918-1983), an outstanding Chinese painter and founder of new Chinese comic strip, is known as the saint of contemporary painting, “The Rembrandt and Miguelangiro of the East”.In the history of modern Chinese art, a great master of figure painting and animal painting.He Xiangning (1878-1972), the revolutionary companion of The Kuomintang leader Liao Zhongkai, the mother of the proletarian revolutionist Liao Chengzhi, the only chairwoman of China’s Art Association, an outstanding artist in the painting world, her paintings of tigers, lions and plum blossoms are well known at home and abroad.