Good news | Our school won the honorary title of “Ankang Cup” winning Group in Heilongjiang Province 2019-2020

2022-05-28 0 By

(Li Jiwei/Text) Recently, The Federation of Trade Unions of Heilongjiang Province, the Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Provincial Health Commission, and the Heilongjiang Bureau of The State Administration of Mine Safety jointly issued the Decision on Praising the Winners and Outstanding Individuals of the “Ankang Cup” Competition of The Province in 2019-2020 (Black Industry Federation Zi (2021) No. 15).In order to commend the advanced groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions and played an exemplary role in promoting the sustainable and stable improvement of the situation of enterprise safety production and occupational disease prevention, and promoting the improvement of the level of enterprise safety management, our school was awarded the honorary title of “Ankang Cup” Winning Group of Heilongjiang Province 2019-2020.In recent years, the school conscientiously implement the provincial government, provincial education department of colleges and universities a series of deployment and security requirements, to create a “safe and harmonious campus” as the goal, actively to strengthen safety education training, based on the post check hidden danger, safety construction as the main content of “ankang cup” contest activities, fully ensure the security of the campus,Constantly improve the quality of the general teachers and students to safety and health consciousness and skills, to enhance safety concern to people “everyone pay attention to safety,” initiative, enthusiasm and initiative, school of public order and security strengthen strong, build a stable and peaceful campus environment, each career development provides a powerful guarantee for the school.Winning the provincial “Ankang Cup” winning collective honorary title is a full recognition of our school’s work in production safety, health, education and other aspects in recent years. The school will take this recognition as an opportunity to continue to overcome difficulties with the spirit of responsibility and rigorous, thorough and practical style of work.Solid foundation for preventing and removing hidden, conflict resolving, publicity and education all safety work and emergency disposal, improve safety production management level, build the campus safety, to make teachers and students a sense of security more fulfilling, more secure, more sustainable, to promote school safety education and safety management work to a new level.