“The mainland and Taiwan are originally a family”!Hung, 73, threw her sword at the DPP authorities

2022-05-28 0 By

DPP authorities are not expected to have a peaceful life these days, because of the “nuclear food”, Taiwan island public resentment everywhere.At this time, the Kuomintang launched a concentrated attack.While Eric Chu, the KMT’s current chairman, is throwing down the gauntlet to the DPP, Hung has not been idle.It is reported that Hong Xiuzhu was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.After attending the opening ceremony, she also held talks with Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), during which she reiterated that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits should respect the 1992 Consensus and jointly promote the reunification of the motherland.Such news returned to Taiwan island, Taiwan island green media immediately become angry.In the report, the green camp accused Hung hsiu-chu of being a mercenist who, seeing that her career in Taiwan politics would not last long, immediately “fawned” on the mainland.In some media reports, hung was labeled as a “traitor” and asked the DPP authorities to punish hung for “treason”.However, the green medium is fierce, but also “mouth kung fu”.We also know that the current DPP authorities are walking a tightrope, not only other political parties eyeing them, but also the Taiwanese people have become very disappointed with them.If they don’t watch out, they’ll never recover.Under such circumstances, the DPP authorities will be fair and square to remove hung Hsiu-chu, a former KMT chairwoman with considerable reputation?It’s really not very likely.Hung hsiu-chu’s anti-” Taiwan independence “stance is firm in the face of Taiwan island green media and green camp people wantonly slander, Hung hsiu-chu did not retreat.On social media, Hung said directly that the DPP authorities did everything they could to provoke China, never for Taiwan, but for what they saw as temporary political gain.But she believes only “peace” is a “universal value” that will last.Hung herself is indeed a staunch patriot and taiwan-lover.For a long time, she has used her social media account as a front to express her wish for the reunification of the motherland, and at the same time actively publicize China’s development achievements in recent years to help more young People in Taiwan know the real mainland.In addition, Hung hsiu-chu has recently thrown her sword at the DPP authorities, saying that Taiwan should contribute to national rejuvenation.The voices of people with vision in Taiwan, who hope for “reunification” and oppose “Taiwan independence”, have been conveyed by Hung hsiu-chu, which is not good for the DPP authorities.They set themselves up as “independent”, and gained a wave of public support by selling their feelings of “loving Taiwan with independence”. Naturally, they cannot see anyone “justifying” the mainland.Let Taiwan people see that “reunification” is the real way out for Taiwan.Part of the sources: huanqiu, international tourism island business daily