18 hour relay!Hunan Guohe Transportation Co., LTD., Jiaoshui Construction Group, is in action to protect ice

2022-05-29 0 By

“Hunan Provincial Engineering and Disaster Emergency Rescue Team transportation team” quickly assembled.Massachusetts moment on January 29 – (reporter Chen Xuehua correspondent Li Erkang ChengZhi liu Ming Li Bolin) on January 28, the entire province welcomed this year’s first snow, in the face of ice and snow, transportation and water conservancy construction group co., LTD of hunan province “project in hunan province and disaster emergency rescue team traffic, kaohsiung cell” in the snow to make, launched the emergency response plan,In order to ensure the highway unobstructed, all personnel stick to the front line, man-machine assembly, up and down a game of chess to carry out anti-ice chang action.Since 16:00 on The 28th, emergency rescue teams have carried out the first round of preventive spraying of snowmelt agent for key ice-prone sections and large Bridges according to the disaster warning.Changshao Lou maintenance project in the rain and snow days to all staff for work mobilization, ready to go, slogans sonorous and powerful, Shouting out the anti-ice guarantee smooth confidence.Rescue team members of the Changshaolou conservation project gather in the rain.At 1:00 am on The 29th, the snow trend gradually began. According to the emergency plan formulated in advance, the emergency rescue team went to work in full force, focusing on the key points and sections of the road for several times to spread the snow melt agent, to ensure that the effect of ice protection is in place.October 29, the hunan province transportation and water conservancy construction group co., LTD. “in hunan province engineering and disaster emergency rescue team traffic, kaohsiung cell” for bearing a section of the project has been away for four snowmelt agent, total scattering of about 500 tons of snow melt agent, called snow removal bao chang workers more than 900 people, continuous combat 18 hours, bearing sections no 1 in traffic accident.The rescue team is removing snow and shoveling snow.The rescue team showed high rescue morale and efficient emergency handling capacity, alleviated the traffic pressure of Hunan expressway, guaranteed the safety of people’s travel, and contributed to the state-owned enterprise emergency rescue force for creating a smooth and safe Spring Festival.