All of these little tricks can lose points

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The civil service exam, known as “China’s no. 1 exam”, is often one in a hundred or even one in a thousand.Future civil servants need to have high political quality, intellectual quality, psychological and physical quality, as well as strong professional knowledge.This past March was a crowded period for the national civil service exam. Many candidates had finished their interviews, and a batch of new civil servants were about to start their jobs.So what is the interview of the national examination, how to test?What kind of interview questions can test a person’s ability and quality in just a few minutes?It is understood that the interview generally includes two forms of examination, structured interview and leaderless group discussion.Structured interview, also known as standardized interview, is the use of specific questions, through the evaluator and the subject face to face communication, evaluation of the subject.Leaderless group discussion refers to a group of examinees discussing a given problem at a given time in a given context.A group of candidates to participate in the discussion does not designate a person in charge, that is, “no leader”, by the candidates themselves to arrange, organize the order of speech and discussion.”No matter what kind of interview, mainly to test candidates language organization and expression, comprehensive analysis, planning, organization and coordination, strain, initiative, interpersonal awareness and skills, information acquisition and other aspects of the ability.Zheng Wenzhao, co-president of Huatu Education, introduced that the most common structured interview, namely the standardized interview, is the use of specific questions, through the evaluator and the subject face to face communication, evaluation of the subject.Many cases are by the examiner to read the question, the examinee after listening to the question to think and answer the question, if there is no concentration, grasp the key words, the examinee is easy to miss or ignore the key information in the question, so that the answer “step on” less than the core points, there is a low score.For example, the interview had such an example: The Spring Festival approaching, the leadership arranged you to organize a new and old employees and their families to participate in the spring party, how do you organize?Many candidates will instinctively according to the organization and management subject to answer, perhaps confidently in accordance with the “logic of beforehand,” approaches to answer a phone, little imagine, hidden in this problem is a very important information, that is “new and old employees and their families,” this is an important to the point, also is the key of the answer is, the examinee when talking about the activity in the organization,Pay special attention to the new and old employees and their families, and make targeted arrangements.If in the process of listening to the question, the examinee neglects the key information, may answer more, the more wrong.In addition to answering the questions themselves, some examinees may miss the opportunity due to negligence in some minor details.”In the short interview time, any mistake you make can directly affect the interviewer’s judgment of you, which will be reflected in the final score.”For example, forgetting to knock when you need to, making a rash entrance, and nervously forgetting to close the door when a row of examiners are sitting, can be embarrassing, experts said.There will be candidates scratching their head, turning pens, shaking legs, hair, fingers and other small gestures, will also give the examiner a bad impression.Xiao Wu took part in the national examination for the first time and passed it smoothly.”Don’t underestimate the details.”She said.”First of all, what kind of outfit is appropriate?Xiao Wu thinks of the civil servant that sees in TV at ordinary times, mostly a suit of black suit, solemn and serious, hence also bought a black set skirt to oneself at the beginning.But standing in front of the mirror, Wu changed his mind: “Probably all the interviewees will wear black suits.We were brought in as new people, young, formal but not dull, steady and energetic, not old and old.”So, on the day of the interview, Xiao Wu ditched his black suit for a light blue shirt with a delicate bow at the neck, a stiff camel wool coat and minimal makeup.Into the examination room, Xiao Wu found that the situation is really as she imagined – a water of black suits.At this time, Xiao Wu’s dress up appears particularly conspicuous, “at that time I felt the examiner’s eyes a bright.”To prepare for interviews, Wu would record herself speaking during practice tests and then listen to it repeatedly.”When I was listening to the tape, I realized that I had a problem with using too many words verbally, like ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘and’…There seems to be a word like this at the beginning of every sentence, especially the word ‘then.’ Sometimes I just throw it in when I don’t have to.I didn’t think there was anything wrong when I was speaking, but when I listened to the recording, I found that it seriously affected the flow of the sentence.”In addition to these, Xiao Wu also found that he often involuntarily repeated the same sentence two or three times when speaking.Then, Xiao Wu efforts to correct shortcomings, but also find a friend as an examiner to find fault.Finally, she was able to deliver a smooth, concise, prioritized speech.”I didn’t say much, but I was confident that I had at least made myself clear.”In addition, Xiao Wu has a small tip – follow the news broadcast together to read the news.”It really works.”Xiao Wu will repeatedly listen to the news broadcast every day, the host read a sentence, she followed a repeat, a few days down to feel their progress is particularly big.”You will find that the news in the network broadcast is concise in wording, clear in position, and reflects the new changes and developments in national policies. These are powerful materials for interviews.””I think I just tried to assert myself too much, and I got kicked out for it.”Examinee Xiao Gao once had a failed interview experience.The interview he participated in was a leaderless group discussion. As the topic setting of this examination form itself is to choose some controversial or difficult topics, there will be disagreement in the specific discussion process.”I disagree and two other candidates, I especially like to prove his point is right, so I desperately want to persuade others, the more say more fierce, I can not control emotions, want to tone down the other side, but also always interrupting their speech, although I think it is a discussion, but it seems to the examiner, debate has been upgraded to” fight “.”Zheng Wenzhao, co-president of Huatu Education, said many examinees have the misconception that they must speak more, and the more they speak, the higher their scores will be.Under the guidance of such a wrong cognition, the examinee’s performance falls into an irrational scramble.Little do they know, these practices not only can not get the good impression of the examiner, but also cause the deduction of marks.Recruitment: interview preparation “four elements” industry experts remind candidates, the interview should first adjust the state of mind.The written test score is only a pass for the interview, and it is not impossible that some candidates with lower written test scores will come from behind.Therefore, the examinee should adjust his state, maintain efficient review efficiency, meet the interview.Secondly, familiar with the basic operation process of the interview.Candidates need to have the most basic understanding and preparation of the basic process of the interview and matters needing attention, such as the relevant documents and attention to the time node must be prepared before the interview qualification confirmation, in the interview waiting room must not whisper together, affecting the order of the test.Third, pay attention to the interview etiquette.How candidates in the shortest time to give the examiner a good first impression, very important.To dress up from their own, mannerisms to make full preparation, in order to win the favor of the examiner.Finally, “you need to be strong to forge iron.”Just having a good first impression is not enough, but also in their own professional knowledge to win the recognition of the examiner.For the interview examination of several major assessment elements is to have a profound understanding, systematic learning, only excellent professional systematic understanding to let yourself in an invincible position.Interview real questions seem simple hidden mystery reporters through interviews with candidates, restore this year’s part of the national examination interview real questions.Interested netizens may wish to try — “If I were a candidate, how would I answer these questions?”1. Have you seen the Zero Tolerance TV specials?Please talk about the significance of the zero Tolerance TV series.Hint: explain the importance of anticorrosion and incorruptibility and firm determination.2. One day, Lao Wang went to the bank to exchange commemorative coins. When it was almost the turn of the call sequence, the computer in the VIP window broke down, so the bank transferred the VIP window business to the general window and dealt with deposit business for VIP customers first, leaving Lao Wang to wait temporarily.However, because Lao Wang parked his car in the driveway at the gate, he was afraid of being fined, so he urged him to handle it in advance, but the staff still refused to handle it.After several requests, the bank asked him to go to the emergency window, but as a result, the emergency window did not open because the emergency window staff asked for leave.After leaving the bank, Lao Wang saw that his car had been tagged with a fine of 200 yuan, so he returned to the hall and questioned why the bank did not handle business for him according to the order of calling, and demanded compensation from the bank.If you were the sales manager of the bank, how would you handle the complaint?Tip: Of course, the bank cannot bear the penalty for illegal parking, but it needs to apologize to the customer for the slow progress of handling, and help him handle the business as soon as possible.3. If you’re a fitness person, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fitness people. If you’re a penny-pinching person, you’ll find yourself surrounded by penny-pinching people…People often overestimate or exaggerate the universality of their beliefs, judgments and behaviors. When they perceive others, they tend to impose their own characteristics on others and assume that they are the same as others. This is false bias empathy.Please share your understanding of this.Tip: The false empathy bias can make us blind, opinionated, deaf to the different thoughts and voices of others, and impulsive decisions.Therefore, keep a modest attitude, expand the sources of information, and work hard to practice and increase your knowledge.4, EDG won the championship, online game league of Heroes once again popular, some people think that online games can also be a meal, some people think addicted to games, play things frustrated.What do you think about that?Tip: the development of online games is imperative trend, we need to take advantage of the situation, rather than beat to death.Two people meet to find the most beautiful stone in the mountain, a picked one of their own think the most beautiful, do not pick up.B has been picking up, picked up a basket, but when the mountain is too heavy, all the way to throw stones to unload, and finally only one.What does this story tell you?Tip: Only clear direction, adhere to the long-term “willing to view”, can pick up their most satisfied with the stone.Source: Beijing Daily client