Expert: Wang Meng explain change platform can be taken down!Zhang Lu: national foot mistake I never nominate word

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Huang Jianxiang, who sparked controversy when he called out “Long live” during Italy’s World Cup commentary, was a bit of a put-down in his commentary during the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the only straight line he left was perhaps “Wang Meng, you’re right.”Obviously, wang Meng, the former general and head coach of the national short track speed skating team, became the most successful guest commentator during the Beijing Winter Olympics!Of course, her style has caused some controversy.Wang meng as 4 games gold medal winner, and the title of bright eye, a former national team coach, both as to the identity of the both, make its professional unrivalled, especially her understanding of the current Chinese players and familiar with degree, is standing on the top – including three games gold medallist zhou, in the commentary on the guest room, the sitting next to wang meng,She almost looked up to Wang Meng.At the same time, wang Meng’s natural language expression gene of the northeast people is also a very important element of her “once she enters the interpretation, she can’t be red” : humor and wit!This is obviously one of the main reasons people like to listen to him.Plus, wang meng’s unique domineering, outgoing character, although because of its just into the line of explanation, appear some commentary on the professional society, but more so highlights her authenticity, emotion, so suddenly caught, makes the “explanation”, is in addition to the games athletes, the games are the gold medal of the lace news, on a hot search in the most.Like wang meng jin sentence: “my eye is feet,” their commentary is the first to show the perfect beginning, body language and its richness of dynamic, charm, also break the said to understand the “taboo”, see Chinese mixed relay name for gold rush moment, she can’t stand up to the “shop”, also let she won a combination with huang jianxiang name: “combination”.And Wang Meng said, “Show me this shot ten times!The United States is definitely breaking the rules. We’re going to the final.”;And when the Chinese team and the Canadian team had a physical collision, Wang Meng immediately said:”We don’t panic, play knife, China can be found in” precision, etc. – all let wang meng’s professionalism, reflect incisively and vividly, make the audience understand the both don’t understand or not clear professional knowledge, can also in the passion of humor interpretation, get the feeling of a feeling of emotional, blend in and entertainment, so, wang meng is not hot search is difficult.However, China News Weekly recently published an article entitled “Wang Meng, You are right”, although it mainly affirmed the advantages and successes of Wang Meng’s narration, there is also a long paragraph about “Wang Meng’s shortcomings” :”From the professional perspective of sports commentary, Wang Meng is not perfect, and there are even many hard wounds. These exposed problems should not be ignored under the high popularity, high flow and high heat of Wang Meng.””During the commentary, Wang Meng has more than once expressed his subjective emotions about the fall or elimination of other athletes, but are these comments suitable to be expressed in the commentary booth?This is something worth thinking about….Originally, Wang Meng had said in the commentary: “Who is this?I don’t know how to sympathize with them. Let’s have a good look at the replay. How did they fall down?”;”My God, what a pleasant surprise!”And so on.And wang meng in two games, have criticized the sons of his brother dragon: “have an attitude problem”, and even had her Sun Long a ticket back to their hometown, to prosper, but in two games commentary, using wang meng “if I’ll give him a few ears, playing on two legs” and “hate iron not steel” malicious words, thus causing some different views.”China news weekly” borrow a researcher at the Chinese media university sports institute director of broadcasting and hosting a.’s words, the article comments, said: “the narrator is shouldering the important ideas of control tasks, wang meng obviously didn’t do your best, her sincere candid personality, also harvested the thumb up people, but also exposed some problems.This problem is even more obvious when it comes to international events. Partners, directors, and on-air supervisors are all very cautious about what commentators and guests say.””Sports commentary is an art of control…I also have to control my emotions and feelings, even carefully choosing every word I say.””Wang Meng should be grateful for the platform that provided her narration. If she had been on another platform, she might have been taken down after the first narration.”…Wang Meng’s explanation does have some controversy, perhaps it is true as the comment said: “change the platform, will be taken down”?However, this point of controversy, also difficult to block the ordinary audience to her crazy love, which is obviously also has its reasons.There is a fact, we have many professional sports people after retirement, also engaged in the sports commentary guest work for many years, but they have broken their mouth for many years, in fact, far less than wang Meng commentary debut show, world War I reached the height of these people are difficult to reach!For example, in a recent video, zhang Lu, a former national football player and well-known commentator, said: “I never talk about the ball of The Chinese team. The first game (I commentated on the National football Team) was a (World Cup) qualifier against Maldives in Xi ‘an. One of the Chinese players made a mistake and the other team almost scored a goal.””I said at that time: China team who who mistake, just want to say who who, a want to be right, ha ha ha, can’t name, a name trouble!Can only say that The Chinese team has a player, how how, a mistake, cause the other side of the threat, down I have a look, there are Chinese players said: this ball really can not say, later will never say…”.Thinking, such as zhang lu4 in our relationships with social and cultural environment, seems the most safe survival, seem very sophisticated, but also feel very “fat” – for the team’s ten thousand people lamented, he unexpectedly in the explanation to the errors, are reluctant to tell name, it is a kind of the embodiment of the human society and benefit altogether keep mentality,It also shows that Zhang Lu grasped how to eat explanation and life this bowl of rice “true meaning”, but, love to listen to Zhang Lu explanation of the people?Especially compared with Wang Meng!Like soccer players Gong Lei, Xu Yang, Zhang Lu and so on;Like basketball players wang Shipeng, Ma Jian and so on, I believe in the hearts of the audience and fans, compared with Wang Meng, will be superior judgment, right?In terms of professionalism, these people are not inferior to Wang Meng, but in terms of artistry and talent of language expression, it can be said that they are quite inferior to wang Meng, which may be a congenital gap, but in terms of knowledge reserve, it can also be said that Wang Meng is also a step ahead!For example, Wang Meng once said in the commentary that she did not understand a penalty in the match, so she went to the technical officer of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation and discussed with him for more than two hours without an interpreter before leaving. This kind of learning ability is obviously what Chinese athletes lack most!At the same time, wang meng’s character and style is unified, professional, humor, passion, ambition – this in her career, and its explanation, is the same of the unity and display, and therefore seem to be very real, let a person produce a total of emotion and feeling, this is probably wang meng’s “immersion commentary”!Obviously, China’s other sports people to do commentary, have not been able to achieve this kind of thing I forget, with the listener completely integrated realm.And that gathering of information is but pedantry and rhetorical explanation;In the commentary just want to be smooth, it is difficult to mobilize the listener’s mood, obviously too much, when people found Wang Meng, she will be so outstanding, it makes people feel extraordinary, so it can be expected that she is greatly sought after.Wang Meng’s style of “neither faking nor carrying” is rare here. She seems so down-to-earth, funny and professional. Although I feel a bit noisy, some of her words are indeed “too much” on the public platform, many people’s love for her has not been affected at all!Wang meng, in fact is not all speak “to”, but to accept and love the people “are not all right” is not perfect, and those who understand the river’s lake survival, human nature larded “who also not to offend,” sports commentator, but hear you sleepy, hope don’t kill Wang Mengshi personality, don’t let mediocrity into the mainstream, such explanation and society, will be full of vitality and hope!