25 points in a quarter!Harden couldn’t rest for a second. James dunked over the rim and dominated defense with 3 blocks

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25 points in a quarter!Harden can’t rest for a second. James dunks off the rim.Beijing time on January 26, today focus in war, the lakers roadies against the nets, because home games, Michael Owen is out, in contrast, the lakers back heavy eyebrows, big three fit again, partner Bradley, Johnson, the lakers pose season 23 sets of the starting line-up, interestingly, the nets also season 23 sets of the starting line-up, harden mononuclear solver,Benbury was mentioned as the starter, with Edwards and Sharpe still in the frontcourt. Harden was in a slump in the last game, and now the matchup with the big three will be the key to the victory.First section at first, James help heavy eyebrows empty to dunk, returned from injury with a dunk, regression, sharp the basket score, hook heavy eyebrows cic with wings, harden flank strong kill into 2 + 1, James strong counterattack layup scored, harden speed counter layup shot two points, heavy eyebrows foul flank made two free throws, harden Bradley steals, counter assists James dunk empty,Edwards shot to stop the bleeding, harden singled out Bradley for a 2-and-1, but the lone guard couldn’t stop harden. Harden blocked Harden’s layup, Westbrook hit a fast-break layup, Harden hit a 3-pointer over Harden, and Bradley fouled his opponent.Suspend back, heavy eyebrows capping the layup, Thomas counterattack layup get 2 points, dislocation, the basket hit, tuck and toss into 2 + 1, T – the basket easily scored Johnson, harden’s secondary attack scoring, Bradley hit points of three points, scored, Anthony signs turn jumpers and harden tu left hand into 2 + 1, vogel coach quickly suspended adjustment,Harden’s defense needs to be adjusted.Entering the final period, Monk hit a 3-pointer against Harden, Anthony followed up with a 3-pointer, Z-Johnson made a second attack, James turned low for a layup, and then James assisted Monk for two more points. Harden missed a layup, and James hit a layup at the buzzer, giving the Lakers a 33-25 lead in the first quarter.The home team the nets single section 25 points, basic it is has direct relationship with harden, caused by a lack of side helper, harden one second did not dare to break, played 12 minutes, 13 June 16 points 5 rebounds, 3 assists, the second highest score of adriano, only to get the three points and two rebounds, in contrast, the lakers’ big three, lebron James contributed to dunk,Hot 6 4 scored 8 points and 3 rebounds and assists, heavy eyebrows single section send 3 blocked shots, 3 2 6 points 3 blocks, wei also has less 4 points and 3 rebounds, 2 assists billing substitute fire enough, Anthony 2 2 contribution to 5 points and two rebounds, monk in 2 to 5 points and rebounds, 1 rotation fire cost the nets.