Emergency assistance!Bijie they relay escort

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In recent days, due to the influence of the cold air, the heavy snow in Weining caused a large area of road freezing and road traffic control made it difficult for vehicles to pass. On February 2 (the second day of the lunar New Year) at 7:00 am, the duty room of the Weining County Longchang Town health center received a call from the public saying:”There is a high risk of maternal amniotic fluid has been broken in critical condition, need to treat” dragon field township health centers immediately after receiving telephones organization medical personnel to the scene and a four-wheel drive off-road vehicles fitted with chain for institutes of ambulance escorting due to local conditions are not in towns and townships for the high-risk births need to turn to the front of the superior hospital transport,In order to ensure the safe weining map people’s hospital ambulance also installed the anti-skid chains both sides agreed on the direction of weining JinZhong Town rendezvous after nearly an hour of hard trip success will be escorted to the JinZhong Town high-risk maternal and their families and go to weining map people’s hospital in the ambulance with multilateral mutual help the puerpera has 12 on the same day 37 points in weining map people’s hospital cesarean section under a femaleInfant and agitation and snow fortunately in medical staff escorted maternal safe production for their thumb up rain and snow weather these travel tips you must know a down source: weining melting medium, emergency management department of the People’s Republic of China: as a trial: scarlett, chun-mei wu supervisor system: Li Depin total supervision: Zhu Guanglun finish see remember light below the “like” and yo