Menstruation is about to “leave” when, what can you have hint?These four signals, don’t ignore them

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We all know that menstruation is not with women all my life, especially after age 50, will enter the menopause women, for menopause is one of the female body is very normal phenomenon, women in the life can discharge about 400 ~ 500 eggs, what happened to the rest, cannon fodder object of pituitary gland hormone pick role left ovarian function in facilitating the degradation,The circumstance that appears menopause easily menstruation is about to “leave” when, what can you have hint?These four signals, don’t ignore 1, hot flashes and night sweats women once in this body hormone is not stable recently, stomach bleeding abnormal phenomena, such as may be in bed when I was prone to hot flashes and other issues, this situation will last a few seconds or even minutes of time, at the same time, along with the chest, neck and facial redness and prone to sweat,This time must pay attention to the body to keep warm, there is a big chance to is a kind of signal 2 menstrual leave, get angry easily when the body as we age, menopause women would happen, with the decrease of estrogen also, easy to cause the endocrine disorder, when the mood is not adjusted step by step, there will be a body of a series of disease, after the endocrine disorder,Makes hormones affected, leading to mood is controlled by the brain when the endocrine disorders, can make the main hormone secretion is affected, mood of mind control, will affect a woman’s mood, more prone to lose his temper and bad mood changes in 3, menstrual blood reduced after menstrual leave at once, it’s easy to have a change after the period,Before very stable cycle, will change after time to time, it is for this time will be shorten, and essence of relatively less, for the color of blood, will become more and more weak, color becomes more and more deep, even if appear the symptom such as black, then the uterus waste toxins don’t get enough,Row after menstruation will have significantly lower case disappear because of four, urinary incontinence, a healthy body is very important for material, when women of frequent urinary incontinence would happen after age 50, because women can appear in postmenopausal urinary tract into poo and poor elasticity variable problem, make the bladder contraction at the end of the control and urination function,That this shows that menstruation is more and more far away, we should timely through the discovery to adjust some of the body’s conditions how to safely through menopause?1, learn the emotional self-regulation you now after age 50 tend to enter a phase, that is the female menopause menopause easy mood swings in mental and physical aspects, for this kind of symptom, you are a friend must be timely adjust the mood, keep a happy mood, when the body gets be relaxationed enough,Spirit will have obvious ascension 2, under the proper venting emotions when women enter the menopause, will appear easily irritable, grumpy, cardiac symptoms of impermanence, on the one hand is because under the influence of hormones in the body, on the other hand is to see their have obvious aging condition, can produce the problem such as thinking, let the body’s hormone levels drop,Will make some female friends mood worse, so we immediately in daily life for some women to enter the menopause, to guarantee a good state of mind, to avoid tension and anxiety, etc., can go out to a trip to travel more in our daily life and even find some good friends to chat, to relax the mood,3, reasonable work and rest if you want to go through menopause, the most important thing is to adjust through a reasonable career and life schedule, also can play good stability, many female friends in life now have irregular diet and work and rest situation,Such as this time often stay up late at night will lead to the metabolism of the body and the digestive system disorder, so in daily life we will get in the habit of early to bed and early to rise, the incorrect sleep makes life abnormal body, and even in the aspect of sleep quality will be significantly lower if the condition of sleep quality not timely adjusted,Body will appear at the speed of aging, affect endocrine problem, so we in order to avoid some bad living habits, should cause enough attention 4, the appropriate supplement some vitamins at this age we will timely supplement vitamin D, it can make better absorb calcium, for other vitamins have great relationship with food,For the other vitamins and diet should also be adequate intake, so that can keep the balance of nutrition, when the body absorb enough nutrients, to make itself can reach the effect of a to keep fit to eat what food can effectively prevent postmenopausal 1, high calcium foods to postmenopausal women friends of the loss will be very fast, but it can not get timely supplement,Can form osteoporosis and other symptoms, if the female friends have such physical abnormalities in daily life, we must eat more high calcium food, can effectively prevent back pain, can timely supplement some milk, eggs and shrimp, these foods contain a lot of protein,With effective relieve menopause problems such as 2, soy isoflavones soy isoflavones this kind of material is able to effectively stimulate the female hormone, adjusting human body’s own technical level, play a key role, and also has a big bucket. Huang zhong improve skin water scarcity etc. Phenomenon, make the skin full of elasticity, effective prevention of osteoporosis and other issues, so we can eat in daily life,Some soy isoflavones 3, avoid long time accept the computer radiation for modern women, a lot of people like to chat or take computer to work in the front, before you sit at the computer for a long time have great effects on the brain to the brain, through the pituitary nerve after adjustment will directly affect the development of ovary, so we must cause enough attention epilogue:Became female menstruation, the essential thing, believe you also to know him and a female friend in life, if appears amenorrhoea early case, please don’t panic, must through the drug enough toning, hope everyone can cause attention, so as to bring the body # # Xia Fang health guidelines for good health