No. 15 ice and snow waltz optimization special effects announced, yao double legend nose redo giant beauty, Sima Yi smiled

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Wen │ │ Kerr game said original before the beginning of the month when the king of the official broke the skin optimization communication calendar this month, in its calendar, Zhen Ji’s ice and snow waltz this skin will be revealed today.Now, the official revealed the latest optimization progress of the skin, but did not reveal much this time, according to the official explanation, will not be announced until the 15th.In addition yao’s Valentine’s Day skin and star legend in the near future will soon usher in an optimization, this optimization is the nose, make the nose more conspicuous.Sima Yi, the hero, will soon be buffed. After this buffing, the hero will become extremely restrained mage.Then bian Que this hero has also been strengthened, the specific is how to return a responsibility, let’s look together.No. 15 Ice and snow waltz optimization effects announced in the evening of the 14th, King of Glory officially disclosed the latest optimization progress of the zhen Ji ice and snow waltz skin, but this time did not expose the specific optimization of the skin, according to the official statement, will wait until the 15th.There are many places to show, including 2D design draft, poster process draft, skill special effect process effect and so on. At the same time, we also opened the co-creation part of poster line draft voting.Generally speaking, the optimization of this skin has not been completed in many areas, so it will take some time for this skin to be put on line after this disclosure, and it is unlikely to be put on line immediately.Yao double legend nose redone giant Meiyao’s Valentine’s Day skin has one aspect of player feedback many times, that is, the skin modeling of the nose, completely can not see the nose, so yao’s skin looks strange, there is no nose yao seems to have a kind of inexplicable terror.There has been a lot of feedback from players about this problem, but the official skin has finally been adjusted. In a recent update, the official skin has been adjusted for Yao.As you can see, the official adjustment was to add nose shadows to make the skin look like it has a nose rather than no nose.It’s not much, but it’s the result of constant feedback from players.In addition, the official news is that Luna luna, the love of her life, will be making a comeback.This skins encore is the last, so players who want to own it should seize the opportunity.Sima Yi laughs Sima Yi, the hero, has always been more restrained because of her passive ability, which can be converted to health when taken by a mage.But sima’s performances have been poor over the past few seasons.Whether hit wild or hit, Sima Yi belongs to the sewer.But with this buff, Sima Yi can hit the mage hero again, while facing the opposite mage hero, can be hard against the opposite damage line.It can be said that this adjustment, mage equipment is very difficult to defeat Sima Yi.This time increased the speed of two skills passive recovery health, originally needed 5 seconds to return health, now only need 2 seconds, greatly enhanced power.Bian Que has also been improved, but bian Que’s improvement is not as big as Sima Yi’s, only slightly improved bian Que’s movement speed and healing effect.In addition to go to bian Que there is a new skin, is already broke the news, but do not know when to go online.This bian Que strengthening may be a sign of this skin line may also be.Kerr said that the optimization distance from the ice and snow waltz online estimated that there is a long time, at least to wait for the end of the voting activity, before the opportunity to go online.Yao valentine’s Day skin and star legend this optimization also proves that the official still a little care about the player’s opinion, the player asked to increase the nose shadow, the official increase shadow.Sima Yi’s strengthening this time undoubtedly created a sorcerer Nemesis, even the most powerful sorcerer, sima Yi may not be able to do anything.