Tianjin aid failed, Marbury do as the Romans do, Du Feng guidance into scouts

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Hello, everyone, I am the north lime, you should form the habit of praising before reading!Tianjin team’s goal is to the playoffs this season, from a series of operations last offseason team will be able to see that they are going to pursue some achievements, the tianjin team from free market denounce is gigantic endowment introduce zhao-xu zhang the insider veteran, was the team directly imposed a maximum contract for him, to tell the truth at that time wanted to sign zhao-xu zhang team more than tianjin team a,They got the contract price is far above zhao-xu zhang’s real value, and the sequence of the tianjin team also with its own draft rights to a young from Beijing shougang team deal Li Jiayi inside players, it’s very clear they know now is most in need of reinforcement inside team, for the tianjin team, their defence and attack lineup is at least able to make the team themselves.Tianjin team back now have teenager Lin Tingqian sat with two small foreign aid burton and rochester, they of the squad at least stronger than do other players, strike when the tianjin team has xinhui, handsome two strength good players, so the paint is tianjin team do worry reinforcing a link, in order to allow the team to have the good performance this season,Tianjin team early to determine their own big foreign aid candidates, that is CBA old acquaintance Hansbru, but ultimately the two sides failed to reach cooperation.In order to be able to in the third phase of the regular season to achieve the sprint in the playoffs, tianjin team has decided to sign the NBA famous post player John hanson, but according to the latest reports suggest that due to the flight problem now, he hesitated to enter, he is likely to miss the third phase of the regular season, without hanson’s help,Tianjin is difficult to enter the playoffs, this season their inside lineup is really a little weak, zhang Zhaoxu due to the waist injury of many games can not play.Hansen, the player’s ability is beyond doubt, he is in 2009 the first power forward, the name means that Hansen, is the leading player in the entire United States, the 2012 NBA draft convention, Hansen was no. 14 of the bucks in the first round, when the NBA league, Hansen peak can be cut down 11 points,And he’s a great threat on the defensive end. Hansen’s wingspan is so good that if Tianjin hadn’t signed him, someone else would have bought him.Last offseason, there will be a lot of fans – recommend signing Hansen team the NBA player, his ability than moran, strong, and he is only 32 years old this year, at least he can play well in the CBA league seasons, unfortunately the fans this season should see hanson in tianjin team squad,As for the next season Hansen will join which team to play or an unknown, Tianjin team this wave of operation is a failure.Former NBA bucks player John hanson, a second message from BeiKong coach marbury, he has lived in China for a long time, marbury has got the green card of China, it is very difficult to get a kind of honor, marbury in the personal social media recently drying out pictures of his own to eat dumplings, I can see you marbury is now do as the Romans do.The time when I just arrived in CBA league, marbury to join in shanxi, in shanxi that season, he played in only 15 games, there are 34 minutes, marbury can contribute 23 points and 6 rebounds, 9.5 assists and 2.6 steals data, but he did not lead the shanxi with very good grades.After leaving shanxi, marbury was foshan team to sign off, team play in foshan, marbury is like shanxi, his data is no problem, even marbury reached 50.8% on threes, but he still couldn’t help the team to the playoffs, foshan end of the season after the two sides parted ways.Marbury became a hero in the hearts of Beijing Ducks fans when they signed him in 2011 and led the team to a winning dynasty, winning three titles in four years.As the gradual growth of the age, however, is something wrong with marbury did, at the age of 39, Beijing shougang team decided to marbury, he played a season, joining BeiKong in BeiKong team that season marbury is obvious and finally he choose to stay BeiKong transformation for coaches, team hope marbury to cultivate more talents for China basketball.Marbury won by the fans support after the third message manager Du Feng guidance from guangdong, in the team after the signing of Shang Jie, many fans quipped, now Du Feng guidance of a professional life is two, he is the head coach of guangdong, also a part-time teams of scout, guangdong in recent seasons for several players were excavated Du Feng guidance.At the beginning, he was just a defender in the NBL League. Although Zhao Rui was also selected to the National Youth Team, other teams did not pay attention to this player at that time. Du Feng’s guidance can be said to have a good eye for zhao Rui, and he directly signed him.Before Zeng Fanri and Zhao Rui about, he also is only a substitute NBL league, but feel Zeng Fanri Du Feng guidance the teenager should have ambition, he will later Zeng Fanri into guangdong, recent seasons, Zeng Fanri although not be the team’s main post player, but he help to guangdong is relatively large.In the national Games, Du Feng thought tang Jie had some cultivation value. After learning that he had left the Fujian Team and become a free agent, Du Feng immediately arranged Tang Jie to come to the team for a trial and succeeded in keeping him.As a head coach of the national team, his judgment on the talent and ability of the players is very cruel. The national team players yu Dehao and Lu Wenbo whom Du Feng directed before are performing well now. Guangdong Team can achieve three consecutive titles thanks to Du Feng’s guidance.Du Feng guidance advice Zhao Rui play a ball game now rotations depth of guangdong has become more and more strong, giving the team more fault-tolerant Shang Jie joining rate, if the second stage Shang Jie can enter the guangdong roster, their defence should not be so tight, even in the absence of Zhao Rui, guangdong will have three defender players can use rotation.Plus starlet Zhao Jinyang, guangdong guard team definitely is not weak, it is a pity Shang Jie came to guangdong, the team has been registered players, the third stage Shang Jie to formally represented guangdong in the regular season, don’t know that he is always sitting on the bench, or to enter in the rotation.I am Beining, a female fan, follow me and get more CBA information!