Vizela vs Guimaraes forecast and preview

2022-05-30 0 By

Tonight Portuguese super league simultaneously opens 2 fight, among them vizela will sit at home against guimaraes.Two goals from striker Kasanu and a goal from midfielder ryu Gusu gave Vieira a 3-2 win over Dondira in the last round of the league, and the team finally came out of a three-game losing streak in all competitions.Vizela has been promoted to Portugal this season, with a record of 4 wins, 7 losses and 8 losses in the lower middle of the table.Wiese, however, there are still many hidden dangers, the defense is the biggest problem, you know, the team has lost a total of 32 league goals, and their 19th round scored 19 goals, visible on both ends is imbalance, this for a championship, no doubt is a ticking time bomb, after all, the team just moving up to the top flight, in the face of difficulties don’t have enough experience.Like their opponents, guimaraes have won their last league game, falling behind in the first half and scoring in the second through midfielder Diogolotje and striker O ‘Donoglio.Estubin scored twice in the 3-1 victory over Estori.Due to the previous four consecutive matches of the league can not win, ganmarais is stagnant, thanks to the last round of victory, the team recorded 7-6 and 6-6, and also successfully moved up to sixth place in the standings.Although the current squad has a number of players infected with the new coronavirus, but the main frame of the team is still in place, led by O. Estebina is very important forward line.In terms of the lineup, midfielder S. Sikao is out for China.Comprehensive analysis of the two teams have won the last round of the league, not the overall performance of the visitors better, the current standings of the two sides is the best argument, Guimaraes this trip vowed to take a victory.