But look back, the smell of the New Year in the lights dim!

2022-05-31 0 By

Nowadays, firecrackers are no longer allowed in many cities, and people feel that the Spring Festival has lost some feeling.However, the lanterns still give us the warmth of the New Year taste!In Chengdu’s Tanghu Park at night lit lanterns, as well as large large bright flower lanterns, all of a sudden let us have the feeling of returning to childhood.When I was a child, I took my mother’s warm hand and went to the Lantern Festival to guess riddles and eat tanghulu.Chinese people like red lanterns most, which is a familiar flavor of the New Year!So, the Lantern Festival is also called the Chinese Lantern Festival!As long as there are lanterns, we can keep the cultural heritage of “looking back at dusk, the man is in the dim lights”!