CCTV5 live!Guangdong men’s basketball VS Zhejiang playoffs in the second game, Wu is expected to lead the team back

2022-05-31 0 By

On April 9, Beijing time, guangdong men’s basketball team will play zhejiang men’s basketball at 15pm, CCTV5 live the game, this round of the series is the best of three, guangdong is leading 1-0.On both sides of a match, guangdong in 99-98 wins narrowly the match from the start, the two teams played more anxious, guangdong is a double foreign aid to outbursts, and zhejiang is in front of the wu led, two teams score bite a draw for many times, at the end of the three leading guangdong eight points and details battle, zhejiang hit more momentum, three points behind at the last minute.Wu qianqian was fouled by Yi jianlian on a flat shot from beyond the 3-point line, only to make two of his three free throws to give Guangdong a thrilling victory.Overall, this is a wonderful game, spelling is very fierce, both with their own characteristics, from guangdong, exterior performance is very good, especially the double foreign aid play vital, weems to 16 points and eight rebounds, lai get 23 points and 3 rebounds, especially lidle last minute to complete the Chinese Lu Wenbo steals, a locking of the winning goal was scored,However lido injured in the game, whether affect his second game of play or unknown.And zhejiang and guangdong on the contrary, behave more general foreign aid, small foreign aid is only 2 of 10 shots, green big foreign aid deportivo savage 4 of 11 shots, two players had 14 points 5 rebounds, even with whole China zhejiang boss Liu Weiwei once class, players of the tacit understanding degree than when there are foreign aid, and, said Chinese in the face of the advantages of guangdong,Young yu Jiahao this point is indeed very good, in the only playing time, both ends of the role is very good, his playing time should be more.Looking ahead to the second game between the two teams, in fact, overall the two teams are evenly matched, at the same level.Only in terms of work processing, guangdong obviously more sophisticated, zhejiang call offense hesitation, the lack of a final players, especially before wu, a few difficult 3-pointers into, but the key moment of the penalty is not into, so wu before or should be a little bit more stable, another two Chinese foreign aid to stand up to help the team,This series is two wins in three, as Zhejiang team, will certainly struggle, absolutely than the first game but also fight, especially to play the advantage of the inside, they have no retreat, overall zhejiang team has a chance to win the second game of the series.