Ginger steamed in the pot, the effect of money can not buy, grandma secretly taught magic tricks, real use

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Hello, everybody. Today, I would like to share with you the cooking method of ginger. Ginger is an important fishy product in our daily life.Not only can remove the smell of meat ingredients, ginger can also be boiled ginger soup or stir-fry, in a word, ginger is very widely used, if you also like ginger, tell me today, the new way of ginger is just put into the pot and steam, money can not buy.Food: ginger, starch, rice vinegar, rock sugar.1, first of all, prepare the right amount of ginger, put the prepared ginger into the clean water, wash the ginger with clean water, wash the soil on the surface of the ginger, in addition, when buying ginger, try to choose the ginger with soil to buy is the freshest.2, with clean water to clean the surface of ginger, we put ginger, back into the water, and add a tablespoon of starch, mixing hands evenly, starch adsorption is very high, add starch to wash ginger, can absorb ginger skin residual bacteria and residual a lot of dirt.When we usually eat ginger, try to keep the skin of ginger, the skin of ginger is very nutritious, nutritional value is very high, all washed ginger, we are ready to go into a plate, and then the pot of boiling water, add the right amount of water in the pot, the fire pot of water.3, the pot of water boiling, put a steamer, wash ginger, on the steamer, cover with the lid steam with fire for 5 minutes, then open the lid will have the taste of ginger, ginger first into the pot, high temperature simple steam, ginger skin bacteria, can better remove eggs.After steaming, remove the ginger from the pot and dry the water on the ginger skin. At this time, prepare two clean glass bottles and put them into a steamer, cover and steam for 5 minutes to disinfect the glass bottles.4, the glass bottle steamed, take out the glass bottle, on the side of the dry water, then the ginger on the chopping board, cut the ginger, cut the ginger into the glass bottle, add a few drops of rock sugar, ease the spicy ginger.Finally add vinegar in ginger, then add rice vinegar, the amount of vinegar must not ginger surface, then cover the lid, the ginger sealed for 2 or 3 days, take out can be eaten, so do ginger to eat, eat porridge, udon noodles are very good.Conclusion: So, today’s ginger food to share with you so far, this ginger pickle method is I learned from the kitchen teacher, is a very good starter method, if you also like ginger, I want to collect this ginger food method, must let you eat.