Kunming First People’s Hospital donated one million yuan of human organ donation to yunnan Red Cross society

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Zhang Kuanshou, executive vice President of Yunnan Red Cross Society, and Li Li, president of Kunming First Hospital attended the ceremony and delivered a speech on the afternoon of February 9th.The donation ceremony was presided over by Yang Jiajun, the second level inspector of the Provincial Red Cross.Li li, the dean said in his speech, the cause of organ donation and transplantation of yunnan province had achieved good results, has a great influence all over the country and around the world, in order to more formal higher quality of organ donation and transplantation, a city hospital in collaboration with the provincial Red Cross donated 1 million yuan funds, mainly used for humanitarian relief, families with human body organ donors in yunnan provinceTo strengthen humanitarian assistance and care for the families of organ donors, the donation activity marked the sincere cooperation between Yunnan Red Cross Society and Kunming First People’s Hospital, and jointly promoted the cause of human organ donation and transplantation in Yunnan to a new level.Mr. Zhang Kuanshou, Executive Vice President of Kunming First People’s Hospital, on behalf of the donor party, first of all thanked kunming First Hospital for its long-term support to the development of the Red Cross and human organ donation in Our province.The hospital’s organ donation and transplantation work, domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, and actively explore the distinctive “Kunming Model” recognized by domestic and foreign organ donation and transplantation experts were highly evaluated.He pointed out that human organ donation is an interdisciplinary, cross-field and complex social system project, which the CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to and care for, and provide strong support in terms of organization and financial guarantee.Human organ donation needs the close cooperation of multiple departments, especially the strong support and participation of medical institutions.He has promised, the provincial Red Cross must will strictly in accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China Red Cross, the human organ transplantation of the State Council regulations, regulations on the human body organ donation in yunnan province and the measures for the management of human organ donation funds in yunnan province and the relevant provisions of the requirements, earnestly perform their duties according to law, fully respect the donation willingness,With a highly responsible attitude to society and donors, timely, efficient, fair and just, dedicated this fund.He hopes, kunming a court to play well in the future work “leader” role, as always, attention, care and support of human organ donation in our province, yunnan province Red Cross will offer a humanitarian, based on humanity, proud of dedication, constantly promote healthy and steady development of our province human organ donation programs.Standing vice President of yunnan Red Cross Zhang Kuanshou speech Given by the two sides signed the donation agreement Giving directions to perform party submit a donor card Executive direction donors submit a donation certificate Yunnan province Red Cross, the human body organ donation management center in yunnan province, kunming first people’s hospital leaders and staff nearly 30 people attended the donation ceremony.