China saw net inflows of $8.8 billion in foreign portfolio funds in January, IIF said

2022-06-01 0 By

China’s performance in attracting foreign portfolio money remains strikingly different from that of other emerging markets, Reuters reported on Feb 2.In January, there were net inflows of $8.8 billion into China, while there were net outflows of $7.7 billion from other emerging markets.Net foreign portfolio inflows into emerging markets were $1.1bn in January, the lowest since March last year, according to the Institute of International Finance.That compares with net inflows of $79.7 billion in January and $15.8 billion in December 2021.Institute of international finance economists Jonathan Fortun said in a statement: “investors are in at the fastest pace since March 2021 from withdrawing money from emerging market bonds and equities, because people of tightening monetary conditions and geopolitical friction unease, and fear many economies this year can’t rapid recovery from the pandemic.”