The representative of songjiang New Year culture must have their warm spring

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Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures are both symbols of traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.Songjiang Spring Festival couplets and New Year paintings have regional characteristics. Although they belong to splashes and Danqing, they are all full of Shanghai spirit and charm. They have become the representative of local New Year culture and can be called “double unique couplets”.Historically, Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures have the same roots. In ancient times, the name of the New Year was “Peach charm”.Jin Dynasty Sima Biao “continuation of the Book of Han etiquette” contained, peach fu six inches long, three inches wide, board book “God tea” “yu base” two gods.This means that people at that time will be the God tea, yu Lei name written on the board, so pray for good luck in the New Year.Evolved to the later generations, in the name of the text to celebrate the New Year couplets, to celebrate the New Year in the name of New Year paintings, Spring Festival couplets and New Year paintings become more common throughout the country to celebrate the New Year.”Year in and year out, every happy event is at its peak.The red light reflects the double joint, and the spring breeze is full of colors.”Songjiang has always attached great importance to activities related to Spring Festival couplets, and songjiang people are also very particular about the material of Spring Festival couplets.Songjiang scholars in the Ming and Qing Dynasties wrote Spring Festival couplets special “vermilion paper”, “cloud paper in the expensive”.Even now, typography board system and rigid printing paper Spring Festival couplets are popular, songjiang area still maintains the tradition of starting to write Spring Festival couplets, calligrapher wonderful hand copy of the Spring Festival couplets there is no lack of calligraphy.In songjiang Calligraphy, the essayist Wang Yinggao described the Songjiang School as “grinding ink into liquefied cloud floccules, willow leaves, swallow tails and Spring Festival couplets.”Calligrapher’s association, songjiang district, every year will launch the corresponding “spring-heralding fortune send Spring Festival couplets” thematic activities, the Spring Festival couplet is not only derived from songjiang modern literati antithetical couplet fastidious, meaning auspicious, and binding is exquisite, aesthetically, not only loved calligraphy art popular in middle-aged group, has become Chinese New Year when many young “good heart”.As for Songjiang New Year pictures, the origin is not small.From the point of painting history, songjiang area in the Ming dynasty had drawn to post pictures, as for modern songjiang New Year pictures, down to the jiangnan New Year pictures, and then fusion developed a variety of styles, according to expert textual research, their painting style and content show and songjiang painting since Ming and qing dynasty is quite consistent, we can see the palace of the inner court painting characteristics.Up to now, orthodox Songjiang literati paintings have been hard to see, but Songjiang New Year paintings have “flown into ordinary people’s homes” in another form.In addition to techniques and styles, songjiang New Year paintings also have a variety of themes: “Family Reunion”, “Binji Ask cow” and “Three Swordsman and Five Righteousness”, which not only have beautiful meanings, but also symbolize the contemporary revival of traditional Chinese ethics.Text: Zhou Jiayao Photo: Data editor: Xue Liangliang Shen Lina Shangguanhao author: Songjiang Shanghai