Create “Management Volume” to avoid “Broken leg”

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Guo Runping, male, 49 years old, joined huiyang District Public Security Sub-bureau in August 1995. He is now a resident policeman in Baishi Village of Qiunan Police Station of Huiyang District Public Security Sub-Bureau.Since the work, I have won the personal award twice and the third-class merit twice.”Over the years, as the community stationed in the village police, in the ordinary work post, I may not get the flowers and applause after the detection of a major case, perhaps no street capture fierce awe-inspiring and fearless, but I have a fiery heart for the masses of the people, a pure love of the people under the jurisdiction.Guo Runping said.Since October 2019, Guo Runping has been working in Baishi Village, Huiyang District.In line with ask plan to the people, ask the people’s modest work attitude, he studies hard business, fully carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship, go deep into the masses, in the construction of a harmonious relationship between the police and the people, in the elimination of public security hidden trouble, with down-to-earth style of work, won the praise of the area of the masses.The number of floating population in Baishi Village is large, and the neighborhood disputes, rent disputes, parking disputes and the resulting public security problems are more prominent.Guo Runping led the mass prevention and control team to carry out 24-hour patrols in key areas to reduce the factors affecting people’s sense of security and satisfaction.For factories and enterprises prone to fire hazards, strengthen fire safety inspection and investigation, and joint multi-department investigation and renovation of hidden dangers in the area, with the elimination of fire hazards as their own responsibility, to maintain the safety of people’s lives and property as the primary goal;Take the initiative to investigate and resolve unstable factors in areas prone to conflicts and disputes.Guo Runping’s goal of “one village (house) one police” is to make the local people secure in employment and living.In order to implement the public security “decentralization and service” reform task objectives, get through the “last kilometer” of service to the masses, Guo Runping took the initiative to propose, in baishi area “one village (residence) one police” studio to carry out convenient services, such as the introduction of convenient service terminals, traffic illegal inquiry self-service machine;Drive XuanJiangTuan established, led by Guo Runping, the village committee and so on into the factory into the village school to carry out the number field law propaganda, to preach the telecom network fraud, prevent teenagers illegal crime, drug harm for the brochures, and timing designated at the scene and the explanation, interaction, the scene to solve the related legal confusion.New ways of trial and error area management Baishi village small shops, hair salons, etc the individual business service everywhere, to the community policing management work bring many difficulties, but Guo Runping summarization work method, through the community to do mass work, trial and error area, new way, content, organization and management, for the community based work “four methods”,Cracked the “four difficult problems” in the work of the village police in the community, and improved the work efficiency.Guo Runping signed a public security responsibility letter with the landlord, so that the landlord to assist the village police to manage the temporary population, one by one to establish a “rental housing management volume.”Guo runping said: “If there is no work skills, community and village police ‘run a broken leg’ can not do their job properly.”At work, he works closely with the cadres of the village committee, and often communicates with them to care about their health and living conditions and make friends with them.Source | @ huizhou daily statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: