Erqi District, Zhengzhou Escort School “first meal”

2022-06-02 0 By

February 17 is the first day of school in Zhengzhou’s primary and secondary schools. At 10:30 a.m., catering trucks arrived at schools on time to deliver delicious and nutritious lunches to children.In recent years, Zhengzhou municipal government has carried out catering for primary and secondary schools. Erqi District has actively responded to the call, adapted to the needs of people’s livelihood, and made it a top priority for children to have a good meal.In this regard, the Education Bureau of Erqi District of Zhengzhou has made unremitting efforts in the supervision of off-campus meal providers to ensure that students can eat nutritious, healthy, safe and secure meals.After arriving at the school, the school staff disinfected, monitored and registered the catering staff in strict accordance with the requirements for entering and leaving the school during the epidemic prevention and control period.School catering work person in charge of the lunch temperature, sample retention, etc.Lunch is then distributed to each class by catering staff.The students who have lunch at school are organized by the teachers to queue up to wash their hands, prepare for the meal, receive the meal and eat the meal. The teachers and catering staff perform their respective duties, and the lunch will soon be handed out to the students.In addition, the school also conducted pre-meal education.Looking at the children eating with relish, teachers and catering staff also feel pleased.Food safety of students involves thousands of families. Lunch distribution of students is a convenient and beneficial project.Zhengzhou Erqi District Education Bureau related person said that the next step, will continue to strengthen the food safety supervision and management of off-campus meal distribution units, strictly implement the off-campus meal management system, to ensure the safety of off-campus meals, to ensure the healthy diet of teachers and students.(Liu Chuan-qin)