Fresh spicy pepper juice beef, simple cooking, greedy and delicious, the family love to eat gourmet dishes

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“Hello everyone, here is No. 1 Food house, focusing on sharing simple home-cooked dishes and delicious supplementary food for children, to broaden the taste of happiness in life with food.In our daily life, it is believed that most people have eaten the delicious food about fat cow.Although in most cases, many people eat fatty beef because of hot pot, in my mind, in fact, the home cooked with fatty beef is also popular.Take this sauce to share today, for example, his cooking method is not only very simple, and the author also put lettuce shreds, shiitmushroom shreds into them, so that not only can make this delicious nutrition level more rich, but also can make the whole delicious color and flavor doubled.Families love this winter delicacy.If you are interested in today’s dish, take a look at how it is cooked and enjoy it.: Gravy beef.Two green and red bell peppers each, six bell peppers, three sections of green onion, 30 Chinese prickly peppers, four pieces of ginger and garlic slices each, one lettuce, five mushrooms, two boxes of fat beef, three spoons of cooking wine, two spoons of oyster sauce, one spoon of light soy sauce, half a spoon of white vinegar, 3g sugar, 1g salt and chicken essence.The first step: first of all, the prepared fat cattle defrost in advance;Slice lettuce and mushroom separately.Step 2: Prepare 180ml water in the pot, add the prepared bell pepper, Chinese pepper, scallion segments, ginger and garlic slices, cooking wine, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, white vinegar, sugar, salt, chicken essence, cut into circles of green and red bell pepper in turn into the pot, evenly stir a few times, cover the cover, simmer with low heat for three minutes.The third step: after the prepared shitake mushrooms and lettuce into the pot, immersed in the soup after the fire cooked, and then use chopsticks to remove shitake mushrooms and lettuce into a plate for backup.Here’s a picture you can use as a reference.Step 4: Finally, according to the same steps, put the prepared fat beef into the pot, the fire boiled until the whole body completely white, put the cooked fat beef in the top layer of lettuce silk, and then take out the pot of pickled pepper in the surface layer, pour some soup or hot oil, you can taste on the table.Compared to today’s dish, do you feel that the recipe is relatively simple?If you like today’s dish, try it at home.So that’s the end of today’s dish as opposed to today’s.If the article still do not understand the place, you can also private chat about the author, I will try to answer questions for you.This article is created by no.1 Food house. Welcome to like, collect, pay attention to and comment on it. We will be there tomorrow.No. 1 Food House — Food needs to be shared with others to feel happiness.