In the adult world, life without money is really shameful

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There is no easy word in the adult world. Although money is not everything, it is absolutely impossible to live without money, and it is also the necessary guarantee of life. Range has some thoughts on this, and I hope to share them with you.The so-called “elegant” life is really only a FIG leaf to hide our poverty and incompetence.In fact, our life is poor, is trivial tea rice oil salt.When we pretend we don’t care about money, we are less likely to make money, and therefore less likely to make money.Your boss will actually give you less pay.Your friends, when they have a chance to make money, don’t really consider you.Don’t pretend you don’t care about money, unless you are really rich, otherwise, pretend more, really can’t play.Believe me, when you really care about money, when you really want to make more money, you will find ways to get results.But only if you really want it.If you don’t want to make money, you certainly won’t make money.Talking about money is adult decency.Park Shu, who was once regarded as an insulator of variety shows, answered why He participated in variety shows.There was only one sentence: “Honestly, I really need money these days. I think I make money from it. I think one has to eat.”There is no disguise.Money, only copper smell, people smell, we can make the world a better place by making money, at the same time, have more opportunities to appreciate the beauty of the world.In the adult world, money is needed everywhere.Most of us need a lot of money just to live a good life in this society, what’s more, children go to school, parents provide for the aged, where all need money.But most people, it is by the “forced” to take the money, such as middle-aged unemployed, such as domestic misfortune, etc., so, from the start to respect money, efforts to make money, not shame, it is the optimal solution in the real life [wits] [wits] [wits] how do you to this, also welcome to give me a message or direct messages to me,[Shake hands][Shake hands][Shake hands]