Information on COVID-19 in Guizhou province was released on February 19

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From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 19, 2022, there was no new locally confirmed case in The province, and 1 new asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad (a Hong Kong returnee), and no new suspected case.As of 24:00 On February 19, guizhou province had reported 161 locally confirmed cases, 1 imported case, 159 cured cases and 2 deaths.So far, there has been one domestic confirmed case (tongren reported that the case was imported from other provinces on February 10, and the case was quarantined in Gongshan Hospital), one asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad (Guiyang reported that the case was imported from Hong Kong on February 19, and the case was quarantined in Gongshan Hospital), and zero suspected cases.Guizhou Provincial Health Commission reminds:At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad is still grim and complex. The omicron mutant strain with rapid transmission and high risk of infection has been distributed in China, increasing the pressure of preventing importation and rebounding. It is suggested that friends entering Guizhou take the initiative to take a nucleic acid test within 48 hours after arriving in Guizhou with a negative nucleic acid test certificate.Health declaration should be carried out in the wechat mini program “Guizhou Health Code” in advance to reduce the risk of transmission and fulfill personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, we should wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate regularly, avoid gathering, maintain safe social distancing, and develop good hygiene habits.We will continue to monitor the dynamics of the epidemic in China and the movements of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons in different regions, make proper travel arrangements, and do not travel to medium-high risk areas unless necessary.We need to work together to firmly uphold and expand the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements and share a better life.According to The State Council APP, there are 2 high-risk areas and 72 medium-risk areas in China at 15:00 on February 19, 2022.High risk areas (2) Liaoning (1) : Huludao City, Suizhong County, Jiabiyan Town, Woling Village guangxi (1) : Duan Town, Fuji Village, Debao County, Baise City, Longyi Village Medium risk areas (72) Inner Mongolia (8) :Hohhot Hohhot new genghis khan street east river community yuquan district east community is thriving in the four lane street camp huhhot yuquan district the hampshire area on the small town of heihe peaceful garden community Hohhot zhao wuda south road street small units even the hampshire area on community Hohhot Hohhot ChiLeChuan, water gate street community tumed left flag white temple son town warren court saemaul undong Hohhot WuChuan CountyXiguanjing Village, Duhai Town, Hulun Buir, Manzhouli City, South Subdistrict, Liaoning (1): Shenghua Yuan, Suizhong Town, Suizhong County, Huludao City, Heilongjiang (5):Heihe city love xinhui district LaMaTai community glory century village 4 floor in heihe city love xinhui district guanque tower tuen community police officer courtyard residential building b in heihe city xinhui district xiangyang community bank love sunshine village in heihe city love xinhui district 9 floor LuYuanChun community jindal’s home village in heihe city love xinhui district guanque tower, tower 49 room tuen community beautiful garden district road no. 4 floor (41) : jiangsu wuzhong district of suzhou guo lane street aloneLuxury west lake Jin Yue issue 19 building garden in suzhou mudu town, wuzhong district shen xiang village no. 47-69 wuzhong district of suzhou shimao stone bay garden phase ii 273 wuzhong district suzhou city bank tsinghua 97 wuzhong district suzhou city mayor giant Lu straight village the torso suzhou wuzhong district no. 172 in the city ma Lou dragon west saemaul undong que yuan (arrow) 40 buildings in suzhou wuzhong district Yin Shan lake view garden three periods of 43 SueWuzhong district city 60, clear water bay garden in suzhou wuzhong district green dam peninsula 53 c&d dushu wuzhong district suzhou city guo lane street house bay 82 suzhou xiangcheng district of suzhou garden vanke charm 3 guandu xiangcheng district of suzhou garden 26 house in Victoria towers xiangcheng district of suzhou, collect 8 issue of 12 I start names xiangcheng district of suzhou garden five tianchen 18 building garden district suzhou suzhou gusu areaGusu area of suzhou gusu big w, 3 floor area and forest area of 12 building area of suzhou gusu XuJiang 1 building suzhou wujiang district road 361 east garden city oasis in Minneapolis community and building the suzhou wujiang district changan garden building 21 suzhou wujiang district changan road no. 2358 science and technology business incubator in wujiang, suzhou wujiang district jiangling city garden street 2167 in suzhou city of changshu amethyst5 suzhou changshu china-eu holiday garden 9 building suzhou city zhangjiagang city of phoenix town of jingu village in the 18th and 19th, zhangjiagang yangshe town is regnant the 6th floor in new building suzhou suzhou suzhou industrial park, east lake garden phase ii 22 big county building suzhou industrial park of suzhou dongcheng county 115 suzhou suzhou industrial park, oblique tong old street of suzhou industrial park of suzhou ripples 12 XiYuan 18 buildingSuzhou garden 26 building suzhou industrial park, jinxi suzhou long living area suzhou suzhou industrial park, suzhou industrial park, Beijing star – guest 11 49 suzhou suzhou industrial park, phoenix house building suzhou industrial park of suzhou city star of tomorrow 1 suzhou suzhou industrial park, lake city garden 16 suzhou suzhou industrial park, 118 Xia Jiaqiao 9 building suzhou industrial park of suzhou city flowerLanguage 20 building suzhou industrial park of suzhou jiangnan YangPu 40 building beautiful suzhou suzhou industrial park of nanshan road 150 1 suzhou suzhou industrial park, mandarin house floor apartment 4 (5) : guangdong shenzhen luohu district east gate street new garden LuMingHua square wave 1 to 6 buildings downtown shenzhen baoan district rock street heart of shenzhen baoan district south road no. 3 floor rock stone street south road 94, ma ‘an city district bantian street hall community 10 lane 1, shunxing federation east zhongxing road longgang district of shenzhen bantian street high stone area B A steel structure workshop (10) : guangxi baise debao county Vienna international hotel (debao off square shop) baise debao county AnXiang fu ji tomiichi Jin Tun baise village of debao county AnXiang slope that much MaiTun baise debao county townLongsheng community ShengXiang names community baise debao county town longsheng MengRong sheng two lane east 25 lotus city community made villa baise baise debao county debao county east tuen baise ling town, village limited reading hole village of debao county town (respecting virtues are more GuoTun canenjoy in baise city wu town big tuen canenjoy in baise city avenue street lane stick village new CunTun yunnan (2) : honghe hani and yi autonomous prefectureHekou Yao Autonomous County Hekou Farm team 23 Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Malipo County Yangwan Village Nandu Village committee Dagan village team source Guizhou Provincial Health Commission editor Hu Rui editor Min Jie Shi Yuling