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In early spring, the spring tide surges.Yesterday, in jinghai District Tai Tou town, five shun watermelon planting professional cooperative seedling greenhouse, the town of agricultural technology backbone Ma Guangjun is guiding the melon farmers seedling, seed, watering, bud, scion grafting…The scene was busy.In the green shed, the farmers carefully take care of each seedling.”We have been cultivating seedlings since the end of January, trying to sell the watermelons at a good price as soon as possible.”Melon farmer Zhang big sister said happily.”The seedlings are growing well and are expected to be ready for transplanting in a week.”Ma Guangjun told reporters that this year taitou town to continue to promote independent seedling technology, on the one hand, to avoid the shipment of seedlings “not adapt to the soil” affect the quality of the product, on the other hand, independent cultivation of watermelon seedlings resistance is good, can control standards from the source to ensure product quality.Technology + brand, make the same piece of land, higher output, higher income, is the development path that Taitou Town has been exploring.Spring ploughing season, the town through the unified mobilization of technical personnel into the village household “send treasure”, in-depth field “pulse consult”, timely follow-up spring ploughing preparation of each link, practical solution to farmers in production encountered technical problems.In view of spring ploughing and irrigation and material supply, the town made every effort to provide services and guarantee the work, timely found and solved the specific problems affecting spring irrigation, adopted the technology of water conversion, prepared the water source for timely spring irrigation and seedling irrigation, expanded the irrigation area as much as possible, accelerated the filling of water drainage shortcomings, and ensured the drainage of flood and drought.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, 2,500 meters of new branches will be dug in the town, followed by six new lifting points, 19 sluices and 48 culverts, which can provide irrigation water for more than 40,000 mu of farmland.”Taitou town agricultural development office director Zhang Rui said.To become rich, there must be a starting point and a platform for increasing income.In early January this year, Taitou Town Hongfu Agricultural Products Management Center played the role of “star”, signed a cooperation framework agreement with China Resources Vanguard, further expand sales channels, realize the integration of production, supply and marketing, promote high-quality agricultural products produced, sold, sold well.(Reporter Du Yangyang correspondent Ren Haijiao) Source: Tianjin Daily