Live with goods frequently “overturned”, star with goods and anchor with goods distinction?

2022-06-02 0 By

Two months ago, Mr. And Mrs. Zhang’s company was raided.And it is to see the pioneers in the field of live broadcast harvest full, many flow stars have to go into the sea also do live, harvest flow.And those who are eager to become a net red various people also actively enter, exhausted all their skills to attract powder to cultivate the market.Over the past few years, the star with goods overturned not a few, so the star with goods and anchor with goods distinction?Stars with goods with credit.The number of fans of ordinary broadcasters is accumulated day by day, which represents credibility. If there are many bad comments, he will not get up.The number of star fans does not have this kind of power, some stars’ success is the period of weibo began to accumulate credibility.The rest of the stars are just shooting commercials.And live with goods rise during outbreaks, facilitate everybody to active economy play a positive role in life, in addition to enhancing apanage, platforms, both development, qualification, also live should focus on increasing the network search in the process of law enforcement, the spot check, report attaches great importance to the network, to wantonly exaggerated propaganda, enroach on consumer rights and interests of all kinds of behavior, often a special law enforcement regulation.Anchors who violate the system should be punished, and the society should do a good job in the supervision of live streaming platforms. Live streaming platforms should also be strict with themselves and abide by rules to prevent false propaganda, mislead consumers and damage consumers’ rights and interests. Consumers should also consume rationally.