Nine-year-old playing with a skyrocket went off and his cornea exploded!How should encounter eye trauma handle?Here are five things to know

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The annual Spring Festival is a high incidence of eye injuries!Hao Hao (pseudonym), 9, set off firecrackers with his father in the yard of Jingmen, Hubei province, at around 7 PM on February 4.Hao Hao was playing skyrocket, but did not expect him to plug lit, skyrocket misfired, in the opposite direction straight into his face, Hao Hao subconsciously closed his eyes, was skyrocket hit the left eyelid.At that time, Hao Hao’s left eyelid was punctured with a pen-big wound. In addition, no other injuries were found, and he did not feel obvious pain.Because hao hao booked a high-speed train ticket back to Shenzhen the next day, hao Hao’s family only went to a nearby clinic to buy eye drops, washed hao hao’s eyes with normal saline and did a simple treatment.But unexpectedly, hao Hao’s left eye swelled up the next day, with dilated pupils, deformation of vision and other symptoms, vision dropped to even high-speed railway station signs can not see the characters.His family was so frightened that they took Hao Hao to Shenzhen Eye Hospital for emergency treatment after getting off the high-speed train.After examination, Hao Hao’s left eye vision dropped to 0.25, diagnosed as a corneal perforation injury with iris impaction, the culprit is the rocket that hit his eyelid.Due to the sudden impact pressure from the outside world, Hao Hao’s cornea was indirectly poked out like a “knife split”, exposing the iris and getting stuck in the tear, resulting in dilated pupils, deformation of vision, decreased vision and other symptoms.Hao Hao’s cornea was cracked with a tear of about 8mm. Shenzhen Eye Hospital immediately activated the emergency green channel and gave Priority to Hao Hao’s operation.During the operation, doctors restored her iris, which had been exposed and stuck in the tear, sewed up the cut on her cornea and then administered anti-infection treatment.The second day after the operation, Hao Hao’s vision had recovered to 0.8.At present, Hao Hao has been discharged from hospital, and his vision is still recovering.The power of fireworks is immeasurable not only belongs to dangerous goods but also has a certain risk of injury may cause a variety of injuries to the eyes caused by fireworks eye trauma how to deal with?01 Foreign body in the eye injury cause: fireworks after the discharge of sand, dust and other careless into the eye caused by obvious foreign body sensation, tingling, photophobia, tears and other typical symptoms.Emergency treatment: avoid rubbing eyes with hands to avoid secondary injury.First quietly close your eyes, blink several times in tears or after dropping eye drops, foreign bodies may be washed out of the eye with tears or eye drops.Then immediately go to the hospital to check for other injuries, if the foreign body sensation does not disappear, also go to the hospital to remove the foreign body.Cause of eye chemical burn: Gunpowder in fireworks and firecrackers, the cannon ash after discharge into the eye will burn the cornea, causing chemical damage to the eye.Emergency treatment: rinse the eyes with plenty of clean water nearby, spread the eyelids with your fingers, and rinse for at least 10-15 minutes. At the same time, open and close the injured eye repeatedly, and rotate the eye as much as possible.Dilute the concentration of the chemical and go to the hospital immediately after rinsing.03 Causes of eyelid trauma: debris and gunpowder after fireworks explosion may cause eyelid burns or laceration, and serious cases may cause lacrimal tubules rupture, causing injury to the eyeball.Emergency treatment: the injured should take a clean gauze or tissue to cover the wound, and then to the hospital to ask a specialist for debridement suture.04 Cause of eye contusion: if the fireworks accidentally hit the eyelid and eye area after setting off, eye contusion may be caused.Hit to the emergency response: some patients after the injury, there were only temporary pain, no bigger effect to eyesight, but there may have been more severe corneal laceration, this kind of circumstance should avoid pressure eye, lest cause eye content overflow, check to the hospital in time, avoid delay in treatment, irreversible damage to eyesight.05 Eyeball piercing injury due to: fireworks after the explosion of splashes directly into the eye caused by eyeball penetrating injury.Eyeball piercing injury is one of the most serious ocular injuries.Emergency treatment: Do not remove the foreign body without authorization, use clean gauze or paper towels to cover the eyes and then send to the hospital for emergency surgery.Do not press the eyeball, and minimize breath holding and jerking to reduce eye content emission.Warm reminder the eye injury caused by setting off fireworks is common in children and young adults, and most of the above two conditions.Once injured, should immediately see a specialist eye hospital!Alarm bells ringing, nip in the bud!Must pay attention to the harm of fireworks and crackers especially to strengthen the safety education of children!