Putian: “city” meaning full “box” about cloud, the live activity with high popularity

2022-06-02 0 By

On February 13, the first large-scale online job fair of Spring in Chengxiang District of Putian City was successfully held, with 302 jobs posted from 68 enterprises and 6,021 people in total.According to Han Xuemeii, director of the Job introduction Center of Chengxiang District, in the past year, the human resources and social security department of Chengxiang District has focused on the work of putian Municipal Party Committee’s “Bent down to grasp the industry and concentrate on development” center, innovated recruitment methods and expanded the scope of recruitment by using the network space, so that job seekers can achieve employment without leaving home.Live on the same day with work activities, invited the kwok footwear, sanli spectrum photoelectric, yaming food, slave footwear, clothing of a person five high quality enterprise’s studio and live full commercial plaza xiangyang fang food, xi 2 companies, with job seekers into the enterprise, understand the working environment of enterprises, position requirements, salary, etc, to attract job seekers of all stripes,The total number of viewers was 545,800.(Source: Fujian Daily Client reporter: Chen Haner Correspondent: Gong Jin Ye Jinyuan Editor: Huang Bin)