All parts of Shandong firmly grasp the major project “ox nose”, speed up construction at full speed

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All parts of Shandong province have been working hard to speed up the construction of major projects, and have stepped up investment and projects to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. This is not only a major battle, but also a major test.The construction of major projects is an important way to expand the steady growth of demand.We need to rely on projects to boost economic growth, adjust industrial structure, ensure people’s wellbeing, and promote ecological progress.While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, all localities in The province have been working at full speed to speed up construction of major projects, pushing them into early operation and delivering results, and striving to promote the smooth operation of the economy.In Zaozhuang High-tech Zone, the 20 billion yuan Xinwangda 30GWh power battery project is under construction.As far as the eye can see on the site, transport vehicles shuttle busy, large tower crane waving huge arms, a series of basic construction work in succession.On February 25th this year, the construction of Xinwangda 30GWh power battery project began at the commencement ceremony of major spring projects in the province.The project covers an area of 1000 mu, with a construction area of about 1 million square meters. After completion, it can realize an annual output value of 30 billion yuan and an annual tax revenue of 1.2 billion yuan, which will effectively drive the agglomeration and development of the whole industry chain of automobile power battery and energy storage battery in Zaozhuang High-tech Zone.Since the start of the project, Liu Chunquan, head teacher of Xinwangda 30GWh power battery project, has been guarding the construction site, closely watching the construction progress.In order to ensure the steady progress of epidemic prevention and control and the construction of the project, all construction personnel are stationed at the construction site, nucleic acid testing is carried out every day, disinfection is carried out strictly every day, and staff pack meals at different peak times to ensure the production and life of the construction staff.Construction personnel are scrambling to ensure the construction period according to the time node.Special project team together with on site construction personnel with eat to live, in a timely manner on the difficulties and problems existing in the project construction, to solve the procurement of construction materials, articles for daily use of transport required such as a series of problems, to ensure that the project does not shut down due to the outbreak, is not blocked by materials, in strict accordance with the established time node, lift the end of the first batch of products qualified referrals.Recently, the reporter came to the construction site of bajiao Bay International Convention and Exhibition Center, a major project of yantai Development Zone.On the north side of the operation area, the fashionable blue sign “Yantai Bajiao Bay International Convention and Exhibition Center” makes one’s eyes shine. Workers are conducting the final power debugging on the sign.”At present, Yantai Bajiaowan International Convention and Exhibition Center project has entered the final stage, the site of more than 1,000 workers are stepping up indoor cleaning, outdoor greening construction, seedlings transplant, stone paving and other work.The project team will push for completion inspection.Yantai anise bay zhang wei, head of the international convention and exhibition center construction site is introduced, for days, because the original supplier locations, occurred in decorative materials, finishing materials can’t arrive on time, such as projects for the first time to contact other regional suppliers, emergency deployment of aluminum siding, door cover, stone material, such as surface decoration materials, utmost reduce the effects of the outbreak of the project.Yantai Bajiaowan International Convention and Exhibition Center covers a total floor area of 246,000 square meters, with 7 exhibition halls, 1 multi-function hall and 2,800 booths.The conference area has a total of 30 meeting rooms on five floors and can accommodate more than 3,600 people.At the same time of the project construction, the exhibition is also carried out at the same time.Walking into Yantai Yeda International Exhibition Co., LTD., the “opening countdown board” hanging on the wall is particularly eye-catching.”Strive to receive 30 exhibitions, conferences and other activities in 2022.”Jiang Chun, general manager of Yantai Yeda International Exhibition Co., LTD., said that although the epidemic brought some difficulties to attract, the company is doing its best to advance according to the original time and work plan.”We currently have 26 projects in hand, 18 of which are under discussion and are in close consultation through multiple channels, both online and offline.Construction has started on three of the eight contracts.On April 7, Rushan City development and reform Bureau deputy director luan Pin, wind power industry base service center director, said that Mingyang high-end Marine equipment intelligent manufacturing industrial park project (phase I) is under construction, part of the pile equipment has come in;The fan and energy storage project of Vision Energy Zero-carbon Industrial Park (Phase I) has completed the construction of temporary facilities and is in the process of foundation groove excavation;State Power Investment Corporation and State Energy Group have completed geological exploration and drilling for the centralized control center of the offshore wind power project at U site in the south of Guohua Peninsula. Data collation is being carried out, and tables are being cleared at the project site.Rushan enjoys unique conditions in the development of offshore wind power industry, with obvious advantages in offshore resources, transportation support and leading drive.Last year, Rushan started a total investment of 18 billion yuan mingyang, vision of the two leading machine manufacturing projects.Among them, Mingyang High-end Marine equipment intelligent manufacturing Industrial Park project plans to build high-end Marine equipment intelligent manufacturing industrial park and new Marine resources three-dimensional development test site, the production scale will reach 2 million kw/year installed capacity after putting into operation.The project of Vision Energy Zero-carbon Industrial Park mainly constructs zero-carbon megawatt green intelligent fan manufacturing, green low-energy chemical energy storage battery manufacturing and supporting industrial chain, offshore wind power, photovoltaic and other pure water hydrogen production projects, operation and maintenance service center, floating offshore wind power RESEARCH and development center, etc.Relying on the “siphon effect” of mingyang and Vision, two leading manufacturers of complete machine, Rushan focuses on promoting the landing of supporting industrial projects such as Daijin Heavy Industry, CRRC Tongli Steel Structure and Shandong Shuangyi Technology, and strives to complete three articles of chain building, chain extension and chain complement to promote the chain and cluster development of Rushan offshore wind power industry.(Reporter Meng Lingyang from Chunlong, Peng Hui, Tao Xiangyin, correspondent Li Xuan, Wang Conghou, Jia Wei, Jiang Qiaoqiao) Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: