Chinese Ambassador to Sudan visits Confucius Institute at Khartoum University: Chinese language teaching has great potential

2022-06-03 0 By

According to the official wechat account of the Chinese Embassy in Sudan, On March 30, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Ma Xinmin visited the Confucius Institute at Khartoum University, accompanied by Chinese Director Wu Hao and Foreign Director Bashir.Ambassador Ma Xinmin visited the teachers and students of the school who were conducting teaching activities. He said that Chinese language education is an important part of china-Sudan cooperation in the field of education. Since its establishment 10 years ago, Confucius Institute at Khartoum has trained more than 10,000 Chinese language talents for Sudan and built a bridge for the Chinese and Sudanese people to get to know each other.Sudan has a complete education system, and its students are enthusiastic about Learning Chinese. There is a vast space for further promoting Chinese teaching in Sudan.I hope THAT Confucius Institute of THE UNIVERSITY of Khartoum will increase the allocation of resources, pool Chinese and foreign teachers, continue to improve the teaching level, train more top students, and help Sudan build a “golden banner” of Chinese language teaching in African and Arab countries.Encourage Sudanese students to actively participate in activities such as “Chinese Bridge” and “International Chinese Day” to help them set up long-term and short-term goals of Chinese learning and stimulate their enthusiasm for Chinese learning.Further visit primary and secondary schools in Sudan to sow seeds of learning Chinese language and understanding Chinese culture, so as to cultivate more successors of China-Sudan friendship.On behalf of CI, Chinese President Wu Hao expressed his deep gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in Sudan for its long-term support and help. He said that the Chinese Embassy would continue to explore new ideas and innovative methods in teacher training and talent cultivation, so as to cultivate more Chinese language talents for Sudan and serve the cultural exchanges and people-to-people exchanges between China and Sudan.Foreign President bashir on behalf of the university of Khartoum to thank ambassador made a special trip to visit hole court, said the Sudanese students good endowment, high talent, Chinese learning motivation, hope China will continue to meet the big hole and Sudan’s open education in Chinese colleges and universities to provide more support, through the Chinese teaching and cultural communication let more Sudanese students deeper and broader understanding of China, fall in love with China,We have brought our peoples closer together.Source: