Gu Ailing Winter Olympics champion, ice dun dun fire, foreign trade people how to do hot marketing?

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics must have been trending on social media recently, with Gu Ailing winning the gold medal, Ren Ziwei winning the gold medal, and Bing Dwen Dwen Xue Rong becoming the top trending trend.Take Bing Dwen Dwen for example. How popular is he?It is reported that the surrounding area of The Olympic Flagship store on Tmall has been cleaned out, and now it is hard to get a “dun”. People queued for 5 hours in the mall to get it, and foreign media tweeted in Chinese to bring the goods for Bing Dun dun.Ice and snow products related to the Winter Olympics, such as poles, skis, goggles, and ski suits, will be popular for some time.So how should foreign trade people do marketing well?First of all, the production of snow and ice related products of foreign trade companies, must seize this opportunity and wind, and continue to win orders.Secondly, what should foreign trade companies that are not ice and snow products do?As a matter of fact, the Winter Olympic Games is a worldwide sporting event, and it is a matter of great pride for all Chinese people to win a medal. At this time, it is also a good opportunity for foreign traders to send congratulations by email. It is suggested that the email should not be too utilitarian, but should focus on blessing.In this case, customers are very happy to receive such emails, leaving a good impression, and may be the first to call you when there is a demand for products.At the same time, from this event, foreign traders should learn to take advantage of marketing, after all, there are many major festivals or grand events like this in a year.So, how should foreign traders keep up with the trend of The Times to carry out a wave of marketing?Today I will tell you how to do a good job in hot marketing?1. The relevance of products to hot topics To understand, chasing the heat is not to rub heat, rubbing heat can be very annoying.For example, Gu Ailing became very popular. She once posted on her Microblog that the training institution she attended also attracted people’s attention. If the institution said that Gu Ailing was admitted to Stanford because she had studied in their own institution and made a big announcement about it, wouldn’t it be ridiculous?After all, that was eight years ago.It is worth mentioning that this agency also did a very good job of not censoring the hot spot.And gu Ailing in the championship before the endorsement of the brand can take advantage of the marketing, have to say, these brands have a great vision.Therefore, it is very important to find the entry point for products and hotspots, otherwise it will be counterproductive.At this time, we need to consider several questions: First, is the hot spot positive?Is the hot spot itself suitable for marketing our brand?Can hot spot and our product be combined?Is the nature of the hot spot contradictory to our previous product or brand image publicity?Is the hot spot positive publicity for our products or brands?These are all very important.The second is whether the timeliness is too late.We all know that hot spots are usually time-sensitive and opportunities are fleeting, so you need to quickly seize this wave of traffic in a short time.2. Matching marketing platform with products and brands, the most suitable platform for hot marketing is actually the well-known social media. Due to the high traffic, large audience and timeliness of social media, the effect of hot marketing is very good.Popular social media include TikTok, Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc.At the same time, marketing platform and product, brand should match.3. Hot marketing results to analyze in the whole hot marketing process, we must remember not anticlimactic, vigorous start, tragic end is also very likely, the after-sales line needs to timely track and measure the data in marketing, according to the data shown to adjust the content.Data analysis at the end of the process is also an essential step. Through the data, we can judge whether the whole marketing activity has achieved the previously established target results, and what needs to be improved and promoted in the process, as well as the factors and operations that affect the results of the activity.All these can be used for reference in the following marketing activities.