Good news, China amateur young surprise, 5-2 elimination of NO.58 90 days later, 5-1 reverse promotion

2022-06-04 0 By

Snooker Turkey masters qualifiers continue, just finished a game, broke a surprise, Si Jia Hui 5-2 play magic, eliminated Dominic – Dell, strong promotion to the tournament, for China’s snooker, apparently this is a good news.Jia hui was born in 2002, is a real player after 00, the current status or amateur players, and the world of dell highest ranked 58th, strength is good, before two meetings, dell is a victory, on the strength contrast, dell is obvious in the jia hui, but this time plays, jia hui, finally complete the following g.From the statistics of the whole game, Dell did not have a stroke of 50+, such hand feeling is basically impossible to win the ball, Although Si Jiahui is not very good, but the first and seventh round, he played a single stroke of 50+ high score, superior skills, can eliminate Dell, also in the sense.In the other major matches of the day, Zhao Xintong, a genius of China after 90 days, burst into action, losing the first set to beat Louis Haycott 5-1 and advancing strongly to the main round.Higgins eliminated Barry Pinches 5-3;Yuan Sijun, a young Chinese player, upset Barry Hawkins of Master Huo 5-3.Jackson – Page also upset, 5-3 elimination of world champion Bingham;Chen Zi-fan lost 3-5 to Donaldson, Gao Yang 1-5 to Chris Walker Lin and Chang Bingyu 2-5 to Mark Allen.In the coming days, there will still be a number of Chinese players, including Yan Bingtao and Ding Junhui. Now Ding Junhui is in a low period, and his form has been slightly improved in the previous Champions League. I don’t know if he can pass the qualification test this time.