Industrial Bank cut fees to yield profits of 8.4 billion yuan last year

2022-06-04 0 By

Recently, the reporter learned from the Industrial Bank that since 2021, the bank has effectively reduced the small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to pay fees, a total of about 8.4 billion yuan, including about 1.8 billion yuan for enterprises (including supporting small and micro enterprises to reduce fees about 400 million yuan), retail customers to reduce fees about 6.6 billion yuan.For implementation in 2021, the government work report and the State Council executive meeting spirit, societe generale, in accordance with the central bank, four ministries and commissions such as silver circ jointly issued the “on lower small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households pay poundage notice (silver hair [2021] 169) requirements, in the small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to provide payment services” temperature “,Expand the coverage of preferential services, for all enterprise customers to provide “vigorous” reduction of fees and profits, to create a good atmosphere for enterprises and people.According to reports, the bank will adjust the ATM inter-bank cash withdrawal fee standard to 3.5 yuan per transaction on July 24, 2021, and implement appropriate reduction and preferential measures for financial consumers such as wage card holders, the elderly and active military personnel.Starting from September 30, 2021, the cost of checking and loss reporting fees will be exempted, and the service fees of issuing banks and receiving banks of debit cards of standard merchants will be discounted by 10%.At the same time, it will continue to implement the self-increased free projects, including the charge exemption for more than 60 basic services such as magnetic stripe debit card opening and card replacement, ATM inter-bank inquiry, debit card loss reporting, certificate-type Treasury certificate loss reporting, passbook loss reporting, intra-bank transfer (including counter, online banking, ATM channels) and so on.In addition, Industrial Bank also took the initiative to expand the regulatory requirements for small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial businesses to all institutional customers.Account management fees and annual fees are waived;There is a discount for inter-bank transfer and remittance commission for a single amount of RMB less than 100,000 yuan (including RMB), including 10% discount for counter and online banking channels, and inter-bank transfer commission for ATM of corporate settlement card is free;50% discount for opening the first (or designate a) unit settlement account;Enterprise e-bank/bank-enterprise direct link/inter-bank e-bank/inter-bank direct link (including bank-enterprise direct link) annual service fee 50% discount, etc.In order to implement the policy of fee reduction and interest transfer, Industrial Bank continues to strengthen customer publicity. On September 30, 2021, when the policy is implemented, 2020 domestic branches of Industrial Bank of Industrial Bank will publicize the service price list of fee reduction and interest transfer and issue leaflets for service reduction and exemption for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.At the same time, the bank’s customer service staff took the initiative to communicate with the enterprise, explained the fee reduction policy, timely carried out account balance and follow-up customer service, and improved the customer service satisfaction of the enterprise.”Industrial Bank will continue to practice the concept of ‘benefiting enterprises and the people’, and continue to increase the intensity of fee reduction and profit transfer for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial businesses, and effectively benefit market players.”The relevant person in charge of the bank said that the next step will continue to strengthen the online and offline service capacity, constantly improve the efficiency of business management, achieve “lower fees not lower services”, to further support the stable development of small and micro enterprises and individual businesses.(Fujian Bureau of China Daily