Novice road should pay attention to what

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Novice driving on the road, in addition to pay attention to observe the road ahead, but also to move out of the eyes a little bit, with peripheral vision to observe the rearview mirror, scan the vehicle before and after some of the situation.1. Before driving, adjust the seat position, rearview mirror position, and fasten the seat belt;2. Open the ignition key, do not start, such as computer self-test completed (about three or four seconds), and then start, see whether the instrument is normal, idle hot car about half a minute, you can drive;3. Make sure to lower the handbrake before driving;4. Press the pedals heel to the ground, and slowly release the clutch and gently press the accelerator when starting.5. When turning or changing lanes, turn signal and slow down. Always look in the rearview mirror before turning.Turn left to see the left rearview mirror, turn right to see the right rearview mirror, left and right to see the inner rearview mirror;6. When driving on a smooth road, look 100 meters ahead without staring at the front of the car.7 usually speed in more than 40 km/h deceleration do not need to step on the clutch, to be reduced to about 20 km/h and then step on the clutch;8. High speed to slow direction, low speed to fast direction;9. Use your emergency lights when parking.Remember to park your car with the handbrake on.