Fall in love with Deng Chao 3 years, break up and almost commit suicide, meet again dare not look at, Deng Chao a face of embarrassment

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Deng chao and love each other for 3 years, break up almost suicide, meet again did not dare to look at, deng chao is a face of embarrassment, deng chao now married actress sun li, gave birth to two children, live very happy, but before the sun li, he is still very winner in love fourth 3 years, the fourth I throw myself to this affection can deng chao put forward break up, sad fourth almost suicide at that time,Later he married and for this relationship also fade, but after years of deng chao won the best actor, the presenters was fourth, two people meet again, very embarrassed, deng chao is also a face of embarrassment, don’t know how to face his former girlfriend, but the fourth act very normal, after all the past so many years, now they are middle-aged,Actually a lot of star entertainment break up, meet again embarrassed, so every time a chance to meet each other, will contact the organizers, differentiate their seats and far, meet so there would be no embarrassment, but who have had failed love, people will grow up, liu xiaoqing met her 20 years later, still can open arms to cry, so falls to meet embarrassed,Still want to see two men about the things you once, is there any guilt, but arrange the fourth deng chao, don’t know if the organizers specially designed, I think impossible, after all, all for so many years have passed, and then love each other, their attention is not much, may be a lot of people don’t know, now they have had feelings, deep in my heart,After all, there’s no overlap between life and work.