Ford touch the door, sharp bound a word drop 30,000, beggar version is 2.0T, Tiguan L to cry

2022-06-05 0 By

Ford touch way, a word not fall 30000, edge gai version is 2.0 T, road view L want to cry now ford’s new car is very modern, contrast old soil’s exterior and interior is changed, the new design is more in line with the current needs of young consumers, the new edge is a very good example, but contrast hot highlander and road view, LRuijie because of the lack of fame, in the market also eat a lot of losses, let many people have a pity, in exchange for a way out of ford this time this finally touch the way, will ruijie a word against explore 30 thousand, gave tuguan L a unprepared.In terms of product power, Ruijie indeed compared to tiguan L excellent many, first of all in space, Tiguan L as a medium-sized SUV is often ridiculed, compared to ruijie 4878/1925/1734mm three girth, with the layout of 5 and 7 seats, riding space and backup space are more in line with the needs of family.In addition, as mentioned earlier, the edge of this generation is not only the advantage of space, product power is strengthened according to the appetite of the current young people, especially from the new interior more clearly see this point.The new Edge adopts the double screen design, which is really a great progress for the joint venture car, and the sense of science and technology of the center console, compared with the previous old-fashioned interior, is simply a change of a person, ordinary people have an unbelievable feeling.The new electronic handlebars are also refreshing, coupled with a flat-bottom steering wheel, and the entire interior gives the impression that there is no doubt a ceiling on current midsize SUVs.The next generation of vw’s interior is also dual-screen, but it’s unclear how many years will it take to make it to the Tiguan L.In addition ford also has two brush on power, and a bit more rare is without reservation, the beggars version gave a 2.0T engine, can break out 245 horsepower, compared with the road view L 1.4T is not little strong, and it is matched with 8AT speed, than the double clutch experience is higher.Fuel consumption is controlled at about 8L, which is almost no slots if you don’t mind it very much. In addition, many Ford models are less famous now, but the sense of decency of big factories is as good as that of Volkswagen and Toyota.And after the threshold will be 30 thousand, the interval of less than 200 thousand gai version model, really further amplified the product power of this car, in the home car is really very moving, just like a landscape painting.Handling and appearance are a step over the top performance, compared to the envision, which is also an American car, and the smaller Tiguan L is even more crying.And compared with compact SUVs like the CRV, it offers a lot of competition, which could help Ford out of its current predicament.