Social Work Committee in Action Qilihe Gongjiaping West Road Community Social Work Committee: Draw concentric circles to create a “Happiness Circle”

2022-06-05 0 By

On February 17, the reporter learned from the Qilihe Gongjiping West road community, community social work committee around the people’s urgent problems, the community governance ability to implement the grid, realize the full coverage of grid management, with the community party organization as the core, find the “coordinate points”, draw “concentric circles”, create “happiness circle”,To realize the mode of “building platform” of social work committee, “participation” of urban departments, and “autonomy” of the masses, and form a community governance system with linkage, horizontal interaction, and extensive coverage.In daily work, faced with the dilemma of insufficient community power, Gongjiaping West Road community to party building enabling grid cracking governance problems.Club committee as “circle”, assigned to the grid as a “link”, the club committee member, stationed community cadres, retired soldiers, volunteers into the grid, expansion of power grid member to serve the masses, offline through “four’s visit to the four q” system (weekend visit, visit, come to visit, to open the door to visit at night, ask difficult, ask demand, ask, ask effect).Through the online wechat group, “Fingertip Gongjiawan”, “Xiaolan Help” and other carriers, build a feedback platform for problems, and carry out “residential orders, social work committee services”.Relying on the community “neighborhood joy” sharing hall, the joint meeting of the social Work Committee, the coordination meeting of the co-construction units and the grid council will be held for consultation and discussion, to jointly solve the major issues, emergencies and difficult problems in the grid, and change the grid from “fighting alone” to the front-line “fortress” of “joint efforts and co-management”.2 connected into a “closed loop”, process reengineering to boost the problem solving and then accelerate the grid members of West Gongjiaping Road like the screws of the community this “machine”, it is particularly important to do a good job in the regular grid training.In this regard, the community implemented grid member points system management, focusing on improving the “whistling rate”, to achieve inspection and visit, problem reporting, quality of disposal.In order to further improve the timeliness of problem solving, the Social Work Committee found the direction and outlet in perfecting the closed-loop and process reengineering, optimized the discovery end, dispatching end and disposal end, and established a closed-loop mechanism of “grid whistling, social work Committee response and department reporting”.The grid “whistles” and does the real discovery end.Implement the quantitative assessment of grid members, focus on improving grid members’ ability of stable control and resolution, risk prevention, hidden trouble investigation, conflict resolution and other aspects, realize the inspection and visit, problem reporting and disposal focus from the pursuit of quantity vector quality simultaneously change;Social Work Committee “response”, optimize the dispatching end.Give full play to command and dispatch team, coordinate grid work comprehensively.Perfect the integrated construction of grid workstation and community comprehensive service center;Department “report for duty”, strengthen the disposal end.Conduct daily assessment and monthly report on the circulation and disposal of various problems reported by grid members, and improve the efficiency of community and joint departments through regular working meetings and briefings.3. Extend “radius”, deepen integration, assist fine management and Improve community The working mechanism of the SOCIAL Work Committee will be integrated throughout the grid work, focusing on epidemic prevention and control, urban management, civilization building, livelihood protection and other central work, deepen the integration of “grid +”, and improve the connotation of grid social governance.Take the building as the unit to draw the micro grid, and integrate the multiple forces such as cadres and volunteers of the organs to support the grid, together with the frequent force and jointly overcome difficulties.Centering on the central work, the SOCIAL Work Committee has formulated a list of special work, strengthened work guidance by strengthening capacity training and formulating periodic assessment methods.Expand the command platform of the Social Work Committee, target the special groups of “the elderly and the young are extremely poor”, and the elderly groups are connected one to one by the party member volunteers of “double registration”, and launch the elderly mutual aid groups set up spontaneously among neighbors to take care of each other;For children group, open gongjiaping West Road community Book Corner room;Mental patients and other special groups, one-to-one tracking service;For the disadvantaged groups, employment and other policies will be used comprehensively to solve the problem of source of income, and psychological consolation and charitable donation will be carried out regularly. The model of party building leading grassroots governance featuring “one core, multiple sources, one network for overall planning and one call for all responses” will continue to be promoted.Full media reporter Hua Xiaojing correspondent Li Huiwen/photo of Lanzhou Daily