Song Xingzhe, deputy secretary of nanzhao County Committee and acting county head, supervised the joint prevention and control of air quality

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In order to further strengthen the fine management of the surrounding areas of the national and provincial control stations in central urban areas, reduce the impact of pollution sources on air quality monitoring data, and ensure the completion of the task of air pollution prevention and control, on the evening of February 12,Song Xingzhe, deputy secretary of Nanzhao County Party Committee and acting head of The county, led the county tackling difficulties office, ecological environment sub-bureau, housing and Construction Bureau and other units to supervise and inspect the implementation of joint prevention and control of air quality.In view of the city center construction site supervisory investigations found in the process of construction site “ten one hundred percent” implementation does not reach the designated position, dust, dust pollution, Song Xingzhe put forward the following requirements: one is the county crucial led, central city pollution sources for screening again, put forward the elaborating management plan, assigned by precision;Second, relevant departments and towns should fulfill their departmental responsibilities and territorial responsibilities, strictly implement control measures and reduce pollutant emissions;Three is the relevant departments and towns to immediately carry out the field, the area of the investigation, the establishment of work ledger, item by item sales number rectification;Four is the county to continue to increase the inspection, night inspection and handed over efforts to do a good job in the relevant departments and township problems rectification supervision and look back;Fifth, departments and towns that do not work well or take inadequate measures will be held accountable.County party committee standing committee, propaganda minister, deputy county magistrate Li Dayong to participate in supervision unannounced visits.Source: Pollution prevention and control of Nanzhao County