The dividend of the three policies will be superimposed to deliver the dividend of steady growth in Guangdong

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As a whole the mo on banyan article/Yang cheng evening news media reporters Xu Yue HangYing xu juck on March 25, guangdong day repeating “guangdong saves several measures to promote the development of service sector difficult industry recovery” action plan for promote the steady growth of industrial economy of guangdong province “accelerate the high quality cantonese prefabricated food industry ten measures” three incentive policies and measures,We supported the healthy development of market entities in the service sector, industry and agriculture. Our resolve and strength in maintaining steady growth and supporting enterprises exceeded expectations.Why choose this time intensive move?Why target these areas for bailouts?A number of experts and scholars, enterprise representatives said that many policies and bonuses are not seen, I believe guangdong’s determination to steady growth.At the beginning of this month, Guangdong issued 25 Measures to help Enterprises — Policies and Measures to Further Support the Development of Small and medium-sized Enterprises and Individual Industrial and commercial households.Why choose this time intensive move?Sun yat-sen university department of economics at lingnan college professor Lin jiang told reporters that the documents involving multiple industries, such as tourism, trade these industries are affected by the epidemic is bigger, in this case a practical measures for the enterprise burden, especially accurate epidemic prevention and relief three insurances these measures, it is rare in the past.”In addition, compared with the previous mode of each functional department ‘acting independently’, this time the provincial Development and Reform Commission issued policies in the name of good policy coordination.In the context of effective epidemic prevention, it is impossible for a single department to achieve targeted epidemic prevention across multiple sectors while ensuring the integrity of the industrial and supply chains is not affected too much. It requires a comprehensive department like the NDRC to take the lead.”While providing timely help to the five difficult industries such as catering, retail, tourism and transportation, Guangdong does not forget to plan the direction for the sunrise industry such as prepared dishes.For days, guangdong prepared food enterprises have been in a euphoric state of excitement.Chen Dan, chairman of Guangdong Hengxing Group Co., LTD., said the “Ten Prepared dishes” initiative is an innovative move by Guangdong, which shows strong support for the prepared dishes industry and will open a new chapter for Prepared dishes in Guangdong.In the future, new industries will be formed in Guangdong, leading all provinces in China.Agriculture and rural areas need to increase farmers’ income sources, so as to enhance value, enrich farmers and improve the change of rural areas.Under the new consumption trend, higher added value can be created by processing agricultural products and aquatic products into prepared vegetable products.This trend will bring huge market potential and boost employment and consumption upgrading.Connecting the three incentive policies for steady growth of Guangdong from both ends of supply and demand involves many fields such as service industry and agriculture. Why target these fields?Lin jiang said that the “combination of measures” covers the entire primary, secondary and tertiary industries and constitutes a policy system, which is helpful for Guangdong to achieve stable growth against the backdrop of the epidemic.”Guangdong is a big manufacturing province. According to the Guangdong Action Plan for Promoting steady Industrial Economic Growth, in addition to conventional tax and fee cuts, creating a good business environment, and alleviating the difficulty and high cost of financing for enterprises, there is also r&d support for industry.”According to Lin, these measures aim to build an ecological environment conducive to the growth of enterprises.Including the “eight no-no” mentioned by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), targeted epidemic prevention and control is actually ensuring the normal operation of enterprises and industries.The same is true in the service sector, where 48.6 percent of the population is employed and 23.8 percent is employed in manufacturing.From the perspective of stable growth, the service sector is very important for stable employment, Lin said.If we want to maintain steady growth, we must ensure employment and incomes. Otherwise, we will not be able to boost consumption.Thus, from a cost-growth perspective, the document for services stabilizes the economy by preserving jobs and consumption.”The service industry is focused on the demand perspective, while the industry is focused on the supply perspective. In the past, we were more on the demand side, but now we are required to connect the supply and demand, so these three documents are exactly from the two perspectives of supply and demand to contribute to the steady growth of Guangdong.”The three incentive policies and measures differ significantly in sectors and ways of support, but they all aim to promote the development of industrial chains and support RESEARCH and development. They are all aimed at lightening the burden on market players, supporting their healthy development and maintaining their vitality.For example, “Several measures for the Service industry” is proposed to guide financial institutions to increase credit input to key cultural and tourism market players;”Steady industry 32″ proposed to improve the online procurement rate and online sales rate of industrial enterprises;”Ten precast dishes” proposed the establishment of provincial high-quality precast dishes enterprise cultivation bank.For example, for “Ten prepared dishes”, the surveyed enterprises all mentioned the leading role of scientific research.Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic products chairman Li Zhong said: “ten measures” is summed up on the basis of practice, is in line with the market guidance demand.There are two key words in “Ten Measures” that impressed me: the first one is “joint research and development platform”, which shows me the direction of product standards and guidance for prepared dishes in Guangdong in the future;The second key word is “quality and safety”. Strictly regulating product quality and safety is also the guideline for the research and development and production of prepared vegetables of THE League of Nations. Under the guidance of the government, the League of Nations takes the lead in establishing prepared vegetables standard, which is very beneficial to the cultivation of consumer demand in the prepared vegetables market.Edward Fung, director of Zhonglian Central Kitchen Research Institute, said:Guangdong “prefabricated vegetables ten” stand high, very informative, sets, is the top design, guidance of prefabricated food industry development in guangdong is injected into the industrial development policy of “living water”, or planning for the development of good industry “baton”, freaky fell on the key point of industry development, to be very thin, very full, especially the “scientific” and “security” stand in the front,As the foundation stone of high quality development of the industry, very clever.And gathered the industry development model, cultivating talents, cultivating industry leading enterprises as a great point to grasp, it is necessary for cantonese prefabricated food style “internal strength”, especially the industry talent, they are prosperous industry key “minority”, who is prepared food industry “tencent” “ali”, may be on a few key people.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | xu juck